Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodbye Cave Dwelling!

This was our living room 
(of course I started tearing it apart before I snapped a picture and yes, that is "Deliverance" on the TV- "you got a purty mouth, boy").  
On Saturday morning I said to the Mister "Could we PLEASE get the new trim put up today?" and that started the whole ball rolling.  He said he really wanted to paint the walls before he nailed the new trim up and then...
he said he really wanted new carpet and so we might as well do new tile around the fireplace before we had new carpet installed!
Here's a picture of the fireplace before the tile was removed:
after the tile was removed...so creepy!  I was afraid a critter was going to crawl down the chimney and run loose in our house!  But then again, isn't a wild possum lose in the house a bloggers DREAM?
I was never a huge fan of this wall color, it was SO dark in here!  

The kitchen after the cabinets got re-painted, but pre granite and tile backsplash.
I get a little crazy about picking paint colors, I always 2nd guess myself.  After my hideous entry way disaster I've been shell shocked and afraid to pick a color for the great room because it's a huge area with no real breaks, so I had to pick 1 main color.  I went with Tobacco Leaf, which is just that, kind of a khaki color.  With the 1st swipe of the brush, I knew I didn't know if I liked it- I saw the panic on the Mister's face but I had 3 full gallons of this color... Now that it's up, it's so much brighter in here!  
There's still a LOT to do: trim, fireplace, new carpet, new lights and someday...
new furniture! Don't ya know when you freshen up one thing, it makes everything else start to look ratty.  I'm talking to you faded red couch!
Anything you're working on in your home?
Anything you need to do but want to avoid (like me and my entry?!)?
Happy Tuesday friends!!!


An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Whoa! Love it! Can't see much of that other color...and want to! Such a change! You are going to feel light and bright and artsy every day.

Funny in My Mind said...

Looks great! Just get a slipcover for the sofa til you get new furniture.

Lanyardlady said...

It looks wonderful. I will never paint again.

Renee said...

I think I like what I see.

I just want to win the lottery so I can take all that yucky paneling down upstairs and put up sheetrock and paint and no more carpet, wood floors everywhere. We redid our kitchen, living room and dining room a few years ago.

After the upstairs with my lottery money I want to build a log building and make it my crafting, sewing, scrapping area.

Dream on.

I love the pic of your daughter.

Melanie said...

Love it! Your living room looks so cozy! You'll just want to curl up with a book in front of that gorgeous view. Especially if it's covered in snow...

I have so much to do around here but the guy who does my work has not called me back yet to start. He is going to paint the bedroom, kitchen, living room and sun room. Gee, I wonder why he hasn't called me.

I did clean out the cabinet under my sink and the cabinet next to it full of Tupperware. I had not cleaned under the sink since we moved in. It was scary but now it's so nice and useful! And who knew I bought so many dish brushes???

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