Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Mercury Glass, Pottery Barn Knock-Off

several months ago i was watching the nate berkus show.  a lady was on showing the wonders of this product..."krylon looking glass".  she was showing how to make faux mercury glass with old jars.  i knew right away i was going to need a can (or 12) of this stuff!  i went on the hunt but didn't find any until the other day when i saw it at hobby lobby.  it runs about $12 a can, so make sure you have your 40% off coupon. i had 3 glass squares full of rocks in one of our bathrooms... fancy, hun?  since i was not in away way impressed or attached to the jars of rocks i knew these had found their new purpose!
if you wanna give it a try, here is what you need:
krylon looking glass, glass jars (any kind of glass jars will do!), water in a spray bottle, paper to wrap the outside of your jars, and tape (to hold the paper on, duh!).
 get wrappin' so you don't get the outside all yucky. you want to spray this stuff on the opposite side of what you're going to see, so spray down inside.
 spritz with water (i didn't spritz enough) and then give your glass a light coat and let dry for 1 min. ★repeat this step 5 times.★
 make sure your trusty sidekick is tied to the picnic table so he doesn't chase the cats and make you scream like your white trash neighbor who was screaming at his kid all afternoon.  oh, you don't have a white trash neighbor? well, aren't you fancy?
 stand back and enjoy the (cheap) beauty of it all.  if you're like me, you will also stand back and realize you really didn't spritz with the water enough!  don't worry, this will NOT be my last project- watch for an entire house of mirrorifficness! shut up spell check, that is too a word!
also check out this cuties blog (she gave me the water spritzing tip!)
(the water gives it that spotted vintage look like the ones below from pottery barn)
you can also just shop pottery barn if you missed out on the DIY gene!


Angela said...

You know what they say, right? If you don't have a white trash neighbor, you might just BE the white trash neighbor -- ha ha...

Anyhoooo - loving your cutie DIY!

chinamommy said...

whewww, i'm glad we have 1 (or 3!) that leaves me being JUST the "crazy" neighbor!!! and that's a title i like!

LeeLu Creations said...

Ooh, I must try this project!

Unfortunately I do have white trash neighbors so I can relate. Always some drama goin' down in the 'hood with those folks.

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