Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. go ENTER yesterday's give-away!!
a FREE dress from shabby apple!!!
(one of the CHOICES you can pick above!)
sizes run XXS-XL!!
make sure you are a FOLLOWER of this blog ("join this site" button) and then go LIKE shabby apple on facebook!
you can also get 10% off anything you buy for the next 30 days with the coupon code:

2. yesterday the dog was FREAKING out because the (cute) UPS man was here.... here with a package for ME!!!  the boots i ordered while i was in chicago last weekend!! oh, do you LOVE getting stuff in the mail like i do??  here's what he brought me (actually he brought me 2):

3. i took this with me on my trip to chicago
yes, it works!!!!

4. i'm busy crocheting coffee cozy's in school colors!
i know, school colors aren't usually gray and pink, but this is just an example of a finished one.
corset cozy's for you sports fan moms!!
custom orders available!!

5.  this is a picture of Darling when she was 4 at the american girl store in chicago
i know, i know...a doll among dolls!

6. hats continue to roll in for the donation to the kids in CHINA.
 aren't they gorgeous?!?!?!!

it's NOT too late for you to donate either! hats will be taken until 10/31 and cash donations can be given instantly by hitting the donate button on the top left of the blog.  even $1 will help, seriously!
with the cash, i will buy hats to ship over.  the generosity of all of you does my heart good!
thank you!!!

7. cool industrial mid-century lighting from my girl....actually

8. do you have a magazine addiction like i do?
oh, i LOVE magazines!!
some of my faves:

9. these i LOVE, but at $15 a pop, i try to treat myself...occassionally!  not that i wouldn't love $90 worth of these magazines quarterly...

10. what TIME do you read blogs??  
are you an early bird? a night owl? 
(or are you not a bird at all?)

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


Liza Day said...

Hi Chinamommy, I found you by way of Nikki at Bundles of Blossoms. I can't believe I've been missing out on Shabby Apple all this time. Love it!

Angela said...


Aw thanks! What a terrible photo I took :( Had to rig the light up with an extension cord ;)

I read blogs whenever I get the chance. On MWF, it is usually right when I get home from work -- like right now.

Trap a crap -- I need some of that! Not that I am trying to trap a crap but some people's craps do need to be trapped -- like the little old lady I told you about yesterday. Oh Lawd.

Darling is always darling in every single photo!!

Melanie said...

Oh, how I've missed you! Life just never slows for a minute, but I am back and catching up with you.

And Darling??? Geez, that kid is cute. How didn't you eat her???

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Ok, Ok, "I did that" meaning- I liked Shabby Apple on FB. Now I am commenting and now I am going back to read the rest of the directions....if I don't get distracted between here and there...

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