Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Before and After Home Decorating and Hot Pink LOVE!

remember how I was painting this gorgeous pattern on my bedroom wall?  well, i want to show you the before and after.
yeah...i got off track, the pattern got crooked and i got psycho. i'm trying to talk the mister into painting over it and snapping a chalk line, i haven't totally given up because it looks SOOOOOO cool when it's done!!
 here's another before and after.
 my repurposed, repainted junk for my  wall...
yeah...another project that turn a hard right turn.  our living space is a "great room" (that in my opinion is NOT so great) and the "living" portion of the room is really not very big and this book case was crampin' my style, so i moved it. yep, me! i know it looks stupid in this picture but it's just made me realize i need a nice vertical piece of sumpin', sumpin' on the wall.... Ooooo, maybe pinterest has a good idea for me!! (you may notice my trim still is NOT up... the mister has been busy reading the entire "left behind" series and getting himself in shape. obviously, he is not overly concerned with my interior design dreams!).
 ok, now, here is my before mantel look and... oh, wait.... what's that?  patricia heaton ?  Oh, wait, not patricia...are those new chairs? new HOT PINK zebra print chairs? why, yes they are-thank you for noticing!!!!!!!!!
 ok, so how can i even get irritated at the mister for not putting up the trim when he lets us girls put HOT PINK ZEBRA CHAIRS in the living room!?!?!?!  you may (or may not) remember my last chair love that fell through. the orchid pink and tan chairs at tj maxx that i waited to go on sale and then missed out on.  well, when i saw these babies at marshalls last week i knew i better snag them because the orchid pink ones are gone, gone, gone... never to be seen again (except in someones yard sale in 5 years that i'll miss out on too).

 that tv stand needs moved so i can center these chairs, the mister is dreaming of an over-the-fireplace flat screen which may not be the loveliest idea, but again...he has PINK chairs in his living room, i'll cut him some slack!
 so now i'm collecting my pieces so this room can finally come together in all its funky, colorful glory...
i'm going to repaint the trim around my mirror, get new lights and pull this mantel together.  my beautiful orchid will prob. be dead by then, but for now i'm basking in its beauty!
for my interior design friends (and i KNOW you're reading!), feel free to give any tips or advice you'd like, except telling me i need to start wearing a bump-it and move to jersey with my hot pink zebra chairs!
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Happy Tuesday


LuLu Kellogg said...

These chairs are to die for!!! You have a fabulous sense of style! Me likey!


BundlesofBlossoms said...

I am in love with those chairs-OMG!!! I want them and I want them now, sista!

Kim said...

I LOVE those chairs!! I would totally love to visit your home- I love how colorful everything is. I have to laugh a little bit though because your projects before and afters look a bit like mine :)

Jessy@FairytaleFrosting said...

OMG!! I am SO jealous of those chairs!!! NICE!!

Lanyardlady said...

Those chairs go great with the decor and your personality. Hope Design Sponge is watching.

Angela said...

Those chairs are cute!! ...and I actually think the TV over the mantle would be awesome!! You can always get one of those decorative cabinets that look like artwork to hide it when it's not on. My cousin has a mirror over hers - It's like a see through type thing and when the TV is on, its a TV - when it is off - its a mirror.

LeeLu Creations said...

Lovin' those chairs! Yep, your mister is awesome for letting you have those, lol.

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