Sunday, October 23, 2011

FREE Shabby Apple dress

so, i was talking to one of my pals today and asking her why she thought i didn't have more comments on thursday's post. you know, the one where you have a chance to win a FREE dress from Shabby Apple... She told me there was too much to read and it was too confusing.  So, tonight i am trying to make the directions simple.

1. "Like" Shabby Apple on facebook
go here to do that
then comment on Thursday's post that you did that.

2. you must  "join this site", if you haven't already. (aka: be a follower of my blog, this option is to your left... see the beautiful people?)

now, there are ways to get extra entries, go read it on Thursday's post.

does that make more sense? just go to thursdays site and tell me you like shabby apple and you follow this blog.  i'd love everyone to have a chance to win one of these dresses, they are upwards of $90... and you can win one FREE!  So, if you are still confused as to how to enter, email me at: and i will come to your home, hold your hand and walk you through it while you sip the hot chocolate i've just made!  See, i AM nice!!!!

seriously people, enter, tell everyone you know and email me if you're confused!!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

I'm soo tired....from will she ever know what size I wear? Does she know how huge my boobs are? Am I going to have to tuck them in my underwear to wear her dress?

Angela said...

I blogged about it!! Oh and since I am being a total procrastinator and it does look like I will get to the store for hats -- much less get them mailed to you in time-- I tried to donate some money but the donate button does not work. I put in my dollar amount and pushed donate and it keeps saying I have to enter a dollar amount higher than $0 -- which I am...hmmmm....anyway, has anyone else had trouble donating?

Angela said...

Oh and that is supposed to be DOES NOT look like...

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