Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Michigan Fall, i love you!

ok, you know how i HATE the winter and that i am bitter because i didn't move to maui after college, but instead returned to the frozen tundra of michigan.  now that it is october, i've added the electric blanket, dug out my flannels and started planning for my hibernation, but what the what?!?! it has been GORGEOUS here in michigan, do you think she's trying to win me over?  for the past week and 1/2, it's been mid to upper 70's and full on hawaii sunshine!
(dear power lines, thank you for adding beauty to my shot)
 hawaii...see, hardly any difference AT ALL!
i have been enjoying it while i can

 ok, so i ran out of pink spray paint...see the red? guess what?! i can't find this spray paint anywhere and i'm thinking it is no longer available...
and by "enjoying" i mean burning a hole in the ozone with my spray paint!  come on back tomorrow and see what's going on with chinamommy!!
and don't forget the deadline for the hat drive is coming soon- october 31st!! 
see all information in the tab above or just donate a buck and check it off your list of things to do (donate button top, left-easy peasy paypal!)


The alumni magazine of Wake Forest University said...
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Lanyardlady said...

Enjoy your beautiful autumn before the beautiful winter sets in. And technologically challenged me accidentally posted using my work account the first time around. Sorry!

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