Friday, October 14, 2011

5 things i love, 5 things i hate

as you read this, i'm on a party bus to chicago for a girl's weekend of shoes, shopping, shows, cocktails, chit-chat, and other girly fun!!  since i'm writing this thursday night and the mister is concerned that i still am not packed.... i'm gonna go fast!

i love:
1. victoria's secret lipstick, $13, great colors
2. avocado's
3. these 2 (who should be in slot #1, but i've gotta pack!!)
4. it's been said before, but my love is deep and true, so let's say it again
WHITE RANGE ROVERS (yes, i yelled that!)
5. the children of China...i love these kids!!!

now the 5 things i can't stand:
1. red velvet cake... i don't get it.  isn't it just cake with a crap load of red food coloring?
2. dogs, don't be offended, i don't like mine either!
3. dancing, can't do it, won't do it (sober).
4. people who don't live and let live. we don't all agree, it's ok!
5. this outfit
i know it's awesome, but just not my thing... but, if you are interested email me, the pattern is available FREE on ravelry! 
ok, i'm off like a prom dress!
have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to check out the tab above for the hat drive. if you'd rather donate dough, hit the donate button on the top left... the one that says "donate" (i try to keep it easy).


BundlesofBlossoms said...

I hope you have a FABULOUS time this weekend! Just think we're in the same state for the weekend!! Chicago is such an amazing city-BEHAVE, lady:)

How can you not like red velvet??? I just don't understand this concept at all-LOL!

Lanyardlady said...

You and a party bus.....oh, the possibilities. Hope you had a great time. And the best thing about red velvet is the cream cheese icing. Now there's a whole lotta love.

Launi said...

Wooohoo--finally someone who feels the same about nasty red velvet! I asked the baker at the cupcake store what FLAVOR red velvet was and the guy said, "" wowww.
You crack me up.

Angela said...

I don't like red velvet either. Wait, we are still talking about the cake, right?

Have a GREAT time! DON'T spend ALL of Mister's $$$!!

Launi said...

Oh, my goodness--those babies! How are they there instead of here with all of us?!
I'd love to help with the hat project--let me see what I can do. What a great heart you have.


Unusual Girl Studios said...

So now I get it....boob case you ever have to wear a crochet halter top...because that yarn is susceptible to add a roly poly tummy and that's what I'd look like in that outfit!

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