Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates in the works...

I know it's been TOO long since I posted & so much has happened: a wedding, more cupcakes, a kindergarten class trip, a personal achievement recognized, fall, leg-warmers and more...
I promise an update of all of these, but I'd ♥ to give my darling friend AMY a plug for her photography!! She has found her calling, let me tell you!! We were so lucky that Amy was in Michigan (she lives in Indiana) & had ONE free weekend without a booked wedding on the VERY Friday the manfriend & I decided to tie the knot (in the meth capital of Michigan, I might add...). Her work is wonderful & she is too! Check her out at her blog:
We are the David & Misschell wedding if you haven't & you'd like to check out our pictures!
Ok, I MUST MUST MUST get to the art room before i find myself naked, under the dining room table, sucking my thumb in the fetal position... it's been a LONG time since i've used the right side of my brain & i'd hate for it to turn to that black mushy gunk that the left side consists of!
Well.... I was going to leave you with some pictures, but apparently... the "add photo" thing is out of sorts today... I'll try later!
& i promise to update everyone this week!!

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