Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it really Monday already?

Whew, i can't believe it... Monday! To me it seems it should be Tuesday of last week.

This weekend was a crazy one. One of my new step-daughters got married... ok, they were married, but this time in "the Church". I had gone with her a couple weeks ago to get flowers & told her I'd take care of them (as in making all the bouquets)... it's always good to have a florist in the family! On friday i got a semi-concerned call from hubby that the maid-of-honor had gone to get the Calla Lillie's.. and SURPRISE... they were Gerber daisy's! Now mind you, if i wasn't a florist in a past life i wouldn't be surprised at all that i spoke the wrong words, BUT... I know for a fact that there is NO WAY i said "daisy" instead of "Lilly"... At 4:00 hubby, darling daughter & I head into the flower "place" & i re-think the entire job & go with an easy out: Roses (easy except for de-thorning the buggers). Her wedding was "burnt orange" & the roses are a yellowy base with burnt orange... PERFECT! Now, of course, the white orchards don't go with the roses, so hubbie runs to daughters house, gets the white & brings them back so we can exchange them for the greenish ones... It's going to be ok! We head to the rehearsal, then straight home to get started on the 8 bouquets, and 20 corsage's and boutonniere's... The florist tape was SO sticky, it was making me a FREAK! Everything i touched stuck to my fingers... We got done and headed to bed at 2:30 on Saturday MORNING... Why did i tell anyone i was a florist?

Did i take pictures of the final products... NOPE! But at least you can see a bit here: i don't know what it is with me lately, i use to take pictures of EVERYTHING & I've got the picture of my daughter eating her 1st cheese sandwich to prove it!

On Sunday night darling daughter & i carved pumpkins. This was her 1st year "carving" & even though she complained the entire time... she did it! We had these little tiny saws that she used & i am amazed at what a great job she did! AND she still has all her fingers, which is always a bonus!

Ok, i better get in the shower, i was suppose to deliver a birthday gift 2 hours ago...

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