Thursday, October 9, 2008


Soooo... the manfriend is going to need a new title! As of TOMORROW, he's moving out of his role as manfriend (not that we're going to stop our friendship!!) & heading down the aisle. Ok, not really "down the aisle", since we've decided to go to the courthouse- I think you just walk up to the front of a room where the guy/gal with the authority to make it official sits. I know, i know... it doesn't sound that romantic or special, but... we've both been there & done that so to us... we're more worried (NOT that we're worried!) about what happens after the ceremony! I don't like to plan, i hate the details & decided NOT to ruin this happy time with a bunch of crappy planning! Besides what would you rather spend your $ on: a) feeding friends & family (some of whom you don't even like all that well) b) shoes which you LOVE 100% of? I think you get my drift! We're so happy that we've got it right this time and are just happy to be together. Darling daughter is thrilled... ok, maybe the word "thrilled" doesn't really fit... remember this is the child that wouldn't jump up & down & scream if there was a new pony in her room! But.... she is very happy. She, actually, is the mastermind behind this whole relationship & has said on more than 1 occasion "Mom, i do a lot better than you at picking, don't i?". She SURE does!! She's David & he loves her... & i'm crazy about both of them- it's good in the hood!

Ok... another cupcake. I haven't been in the art room ALL week, but this is one i made last week that is going to be listed in my etsy shop (chinamommy) today (10/09/08).... look for it!

covered in pink sequins, a pink glitter "cherry" & a fleece flag that reads "Now, you all eat slow" (a command from a good Southern woman). Ruffle trim & a vintage tin... awwww!

Ok, i've got to go get married, but i'll be back next week!!


Debbie Gootter said...

COngrats on your engagement!

Lara said...

OMG!!! Your ring is AMAZING!!! Beautiful!!! Congrats to you both!!!

Gigi Minor said...

Wow what a ring!.... or 5 table ring as they say (meaning you can see it from 5 tables away : )
Your cupcakes are really cute too!

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