Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm in ♥ with Chandelier's

I just have to "introduce" you to this gal, Lisa, on etsy!! I found her last night while doing a search for "chandelier t-shirt" & think her shirts are ~*DARLING*~. Her shop is


and here are some samples of her t-shirts:

Don't you ♥♥♥ it??? I that black on hot PINK!!

Chocolate Brown & lavender?? ♥ it!

and the one I am BEGGING for (I wear a SMALL if anyone is curious... hint, hint DAVID!)

This lady is from right here in Michigan- White Lake! I told her I was going to feature her on my WORLD FAMOUS blog (haha) so she would probably see sales go thru the roof! Make sure you pass my blog on to all your friends! I'm in hopes that my "cutie cupcake" sales are going to take off before this house starts to look like a BAKERY!

The new hubbie & i are taking off tonight antique hunting. I ♥ our house, but let's just say it's lacking in something & that something is "personality", although since i've moved in that has certainly improved! ☺ The bathroom that I'm painting (Oh, who am i kidding.... the one hubby is painting!!!) is headed in the right direction since it's on it's way to being turquoise! Once that's painted i'm going to buy one of those huge vinyl decals on etsy in the shape of a.... CHANDELIER! This weekend we're looking for an old cabinet to put a vessel sink on & get rid of the pedistal sink!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Mary Kate said...

Hi there, these shirts are cute but I can't imagine a chandlier on this body : ) I had a great time at coffee, let's do it again soon!

Love ya,


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