Thursday, October 16, 2008

i'm alive....

I feel like i haven't updated the blog in forever... & honestly, i don't know what i've been doing because most days i feel like i waste a LOT of time.

This week there was the obligatory class field trip with darling daughter. Our 1st one at a local greenhouse/pumpkin patch. I thought it would be a routine field trip & it was, UNTIL the bus ride home! I was chatting with one of the teachers when she made some mention of my daughter's outfit and then IT happened... the moment i've dreamed of my whole life (ok, perhaps i'm exaggerating a tiny bit on this one...) a comment that fell from her lips like cherry blossoms... (i'm trying to build the excitement... can you tell?):

"we can't wait to see what Kennedy is wearing in the morning, she is just the BEST DRESSED... blah, blah, blah..." after "best dressed" i was in such a state of euphoria i heard nothing else! This is the moment a mother (like me) dreams of! I had mentioned to my best friend this past summer "who really cares about anything at teacher conferences except hearing your child is the "BEST DRESSED"?" I believe she gave me a look that said "are you on crack?", but not everyone knows whats really important... her, of course, I'm speaking of HER!!

So there it was... the realization of a dream, attained by me at the young age of 39! Quite an accomplishment I'd say!

Oh yes, the WEDDING! We got married on Friday, Oct 10th. ( a PERFECT fall day!!). Our appointment (you get an appointment when you have one of those fancy weddings in a courthouse!) was at 3:15. We were a bit late since the wedding of... well, i'm trying to be nice .. the "country couple" ran late. I believe they live here: I don't know about you, but I've never seen someone get married wearing footie's that have "Winnie-the-pooh" heads as pom pom balls. Their photographer might have been the one slowing things up since perhaps he has a dehydration problem... or i'm guessing that he does since he was carrying a 2 ltr of Mt. Dew with him. After they came out of the court room their photographer said "well, i guess this is as good a place as any (for a photo)" & lined them up against the pretty grey cement block wall! Now, lucky for me, my wonderful friend Amy of Amy's Photography didn't see that as "as good a place as any" & didn't capture any of our happiness against cement block walls!! Here's my plug for Amy because she is FAN-flippin'-TASTIC!!!!!

Check out our wedding pictures here (David & Misschell). She lives in Indiana, South of Ft. Wayne, so if you're in the area & want a REALLY creative & talented photographer, she's your girl!!!

After the wedding we went to our favorite place to eat here in Grand Rapids, MI:

shang hi ICHIGAN!!

Fantastic food, cooked right in front of you at your table!

Here we are with our "Volcano" drink, the drink for "lovers"!! HAHA, look at the 2 foot long straws & you can't see it, but in the center of the cup/bowl there is a small FIRE!

David's best friend, who is apparently thinking of a career change, made us this fabulous cake!

It was in honor of my mother who after learning we were going to the courthouse to get married cried out "Aren't you even having CAKE?" Sleep well Mom, we DID have cake!!

Well, i hope you've enjoyed the update! Please pass my blog on to anyone you think might enjoy it! And check out my etsy store for 4 "Cutie Cupcakes" & coming soon... picture frames, clipboards, & who knows what else!

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