Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GoldiLocks and the hairclips!

Oh wait till you see what i found on etsy!! All of you with little girls in your lives... get on over to goldilocksbarrettes on etsy:
These are the CUTEST clips i've ever seen.... i like to just type in random words in the search and see what pops up. I typed in "sushi" and here's what i found! Of course after i saw this i had to check out every single thing in Shannon's store!! Enjoy
Ice cream!! Isn't her little girl a doll??

Popsicles... seriously, are these cute or what??
the PERFECT summer clip!
this just *might* be my fave... oh, i don't know if i could just pick one?!
You know i ♥LOVE♥ cupcakes..


Am i too old to wear this?...

Pink & Orange cotton candy ☺

Hummingbird nests with tiny eggs
& a birdie clip too...
Purple pansy's perfect for Spring!
I hope you enjoyed this eye candy! If you shop at Shannon's make sure you tell her "chinamommy" sent you!


Holly Loves Art said...

These are truly scrumptious! What fun! I wouldn't be able to choose just one either! Thanks so much for popping by my blog and for your sweet comments. Your blog is fantastic and I love the shots from your vacation below. Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi chinamommy!
I just love what you wrote! It made my day! And I love your playlist too - great taste!Thanks so much for liking my goodies enough to write a bit about them! I will tell others about your goodies too - I guess maybe I should start a blog??! Anyway - you're the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean for the above comment to be "anonymous!!" It's me - Shannon from Goldilocks-LOL!!!

zoe said...

I want those cute little hair clips!!! Well hopefully my man will give me an odd face by telling me stop buying cute stuff *lol* My room full of cute girly things haha.

Zoe said...

Hello there !!! What great treasures you've found...Truly adorable !!! Bet your little princess would be looking even sweeter with those clips. I am a great fan on your selection of tunes. There are all soooOO nice. Great music lover ! And, you looked amazingly gorgeous on your vacation pictures. Loved all of them. I've been meaning to showcase more of me, my stuffs and my likes...but, time is just not on my side. Busy with moving house for now...sigh ! Anyway, I'm a big fan of your blog and your sharings are all interestingly captivating !

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