Monday, May 18, 2009

Melissa Rycroft

Do you know who that is? If you do... You know what tonight is!!!! If you don't, well you have better taste in TV than i do! Melissa Rycroft is the bachelorette that got the big dump last season (on "The Bachelor") but is getting her revenge on "Dancing with the Stars", although i don't watch that show... Anyway, TONIGHT is the start of the new season of "The Bachelorette"Ok, this is the picture of the new gal- Jillian Harris, but really... this is not a great picture of her( i think she's much prettier than this picture shows), & that dress... really? YUCK! Of course, i was too lazy to search the web to find better pictures of her. I can't help myself, i love this show Bachelor or Bachelorette, it makes me no difference! The mister says "well, there probably won't be as much drama with all guys, right?". Yeah... right! A huge batch of dudes fighting over 1 girl... yeah, no drama there! Ok, i cheated here a bit, i noticed that the #1 search on yahoo was Melissa Rycroft, so i made sure to start my post this way with dreams of thousands streaming to my blog giving me the kind of fame i so desperately seek, come on people, i want to be all crazy like Brittany!
Since i know you've been waiting to hear all about my weekend, let me indulge you:
Friday- the Mister & i were WHIPPED from darling daughter trying to break into our room all week. This is quite a story that i really haven't blogged about, but in a nutshell, this girl does NOT want to sleep in her bed. She has pretty much controlled MY bedtime since i adopted her! Well, after not sleeping well for months we decided to LOCK her out of our room... To make a LONG story short, she pulled a chair over to her bathroom door, climbed onto the arm (our dining room chair), then scaled up THE BACK OF THE CHAIR & grabbed the key off the TOP of the door frame, can you say DETERMINED?! So... when she went to her Grandma's on Friday we were beat. We went to eat then straight to bed...
Saturday- the mister spent the morning working on "the man shed" getting it ready so we can add my kiln & a workspace for ME! Early afternoon we headed to the movies & by movies, i mean we watched 2!
1. Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams & Emily Blunt. I liked it!

During the movie (which is about sisters who own a crime scene cleaning company) I leaned over to the mister & said I think i want to do crime scene cleanup! He said "yeah right", i don't think he'll be running out to buy me a van...
2. "I love you man"

i liked this one too. Yeah- it's crude, yeah- it's gross, yeah- there's dog poop, but hey... i grew up with brothers!

Ok, this post is a little "all over the place", i'm having an ADD attack... and speaking of etsy... we were, weren't we? Here is my latest listing:

Ok, i'm off to Hobby Lobby to get some knobs for the dresser i painted black yesterday... it turned out *smashing* if i do say so! I'll post pictures tomorrow...
Happy Monday :)


My Journey to Hope said...

Cute bird! I also wanted to invite you to stop by my blog and enter my Birthday Giveaway!


Little Miss Baker said...

Oh that bird :) Adorable! Love it

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