Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vintage dresser & I'm as dumb as my shoe...

I promised pictures of the dresser i painted & because i am TRYING to stick to what i say for at least 1 day... here they are! I ♥ it! Now you'll notice there are no knobs on the dresser- well the originals (when it was my ex husbands ex wife's childhood dresser... yeah, don't ask! It's called being "awarded all contents of the home"...i digress...) yeah, the originals... they were ugly! So i went to Hobby Lobby yesterday (group sigh...ahhh... HOBBY LOBBY!) and after filling my cart with everything i didn't go in to get i remembered i was there to get the knobs. I went over to that section after wandering the store because they've redone it & now i only know where the bathroom is. On my way to knobs, i hit fabric &, lucky me- trims were on sale... i know i can't sew, but i will.... someday! Right after i become a crime scene clean-up girl (see Sunshine Cleaning) & make faux vintage neon signs (just saw how on "that's clever"). Anywhoooo, trims were on sale & i like to antagonize the "angry fabric cutter lady", seriously chick- you get one life, why would you want THAT look on your face at all times? AND... she THREW my bag of trims at me & then requested i "have a nice day" followed by a "please"... WHATEVER, i think she's the one that needs to have a nice day. i like to hang out in the fabric when she's working so i can get all the dirt on the other employees! She better watch out 'cause i'm taking notes! Ok, knobs... that's what i was talking about, right? i found them & they didn't have what i wanted. so, here it is... The "burnt orange" walls are soon to be painted a pale robin egg blue...
Below is the dresser the mister & i picked up at an antique store here in Grand Rapids. That doll (i know...creepy) was given to my Grandma when she was a little girl & someone thought she was going to die. She did die... but just a couple years ago.

Ok, the shoe story... i went to TJ Maxx (another group sigh... or cheer- you decide) & immediately headed to the shoes 'cause i start all my TJ Maxx shoppin' in the same way. i wear a 5 & it sucks! i swear they're weeding out size 5's so i'm trying to buy as many as i can before they're all gone. sure i'll be all "aren't my saddle shoes cool? & my giant rain boots with little whales on them?" in 10 yrs when everyone has moved on to rocket shoes or whatever is going to be popular in 2019. Anyway (could i use that word more often?) i head to shoes & see this cool pair of bright blue vintage style NIKE's.

Now, you may have noticed the error of my way at this point, but don't ruin it for the slow kids... I buy the shoes for a great value of $14.99 & race home with my size 5 vintage look NIKE's. I wear them, even take them to Hawaii... One Sunday i even take them to Church. As i'm sitting there with my 1 foot up on my other leg i think "gee, NIKE doesn't have an "r" in it... i can feel my face wrinkling up in that "sumpin' ain't right" look. So i start at the beginning... N, nope M, I, YEP, it's I, K, nope T, E, nope R, but then there's the E!! WHY IN THE WORLD DID I READ NIKE??? Mitre??? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? I lean over to the mister & whisper "hey, these aren't NIKE's!"
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Happy Tuesday!


LillySue said...

I loved this post!! Your room is going to look so awesome painted the pale robins egg blue. That is my new "it" color, btw. I love pink but the R.E.B. is nuddging up against it in a fight for first place. I do "Pink Saturday" so what can we call a day for Robins Egg Blue?? Your shoe story cracked me up, Have a great day!

Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

lol @ the shoe story! At first glance, I thought it said NIKE too!
I love both of your dressers, and yay for Robin's egg blue! It's one of my decor colors, paired with pink, black and white.


zoe said...

*lololo* been cheated! how funny i thought was nike too!


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