Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's all about the Mother... am i right?

I'm a few days late, but wanted to share a bit of my Mother's Day weekend! It started on Thursday with the "Mother's Tea" at school. You just don't realize how much this means until you are a mother yourself! I never realized how much you can love someone until this little darling came into my life almost 5 years ago... The "tea" was so cute: a song, a poem, cards, gifts, and snacks! Before the tea started we surprised the teacher with a BABY SHOWER because she is waiting for the birth of her 1st baby... a GIRL! It was mommy/baby love all around! On Saturday, darling daughter begged to go to the "carnibal", so off we went... Poor Daddy, he had to brave the rides because this mom said "NO WAY!" You can see the mister clutching his chest, if the ride wouldn't have stopped when it did, i'm quite sure he'd have lost his lunch! It took him till Monday to feel better!
I ♥ this picture... she is SO serious about flying this plane! That's my girl, so focused, so serious, so.... type A!
and then here is my darling with me ON Mother's Day- see how we're dressed alike? She thinks that is cool, so i'm going with it before it's gone... This is what she got me for MD- a little bicycle that holds planters! It matches the bird cage i got a few months ago and is going to look great once i get my entry way painted butter yellow!
and because i LOVES ME SOME PINK, here is some pickalicious eye candy! enjoy!!
Betsy Johnson & her Perfect Pink Apt!!
Shoes from zappo's
a cupcake from zalita

Pink Blythe!!

D&B in pink patent leather- i know i personally love a bag as big as my head!!

by ladycupcake80
even though i don't really like to cook, it's gotta be better with a pink mixer... or not, it's still cute!
i can't help myself with this last one... i refuse to give up my love for her... Hello Kitty! Gotta love Kimora Lee Simmons for making high end Hello Kitty jewels! Well, ok, we don't have to love Kimora or her "Fabulous Life", but the jewelry... i want it all!
Have a great day, hope you enjoyed! I'll be back with the trials & tribulations of taking 5.3 million pictures of your only child. My brother is quite sure i will turn her into some type of sociopath with an unhealthy love of self...

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Little Miss Baker said...

Do I ever love your blog :) Cupcakes and Pink? Totally my thing! I love this post though. I was actually just trying to put together a post on all the pink things I got early for my birthday on the 19th. Sometimes you just love a specific color! That bag is amazing and Betsy Johnson? I wish we were roomies :) xo

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