Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I HEART the 80's

I got asked to the PROM!! Ok, so it's an "old people prom", i think the actual title is: 2nd Chance Prom- haha! The mister's best buddy heard something about it on the radio & since his wife has to miss her sr. prom, (because her brother decided to go & get married on that weekend-duh!) he thought it would be fun. There are 6 of us going- gotta love a bunch of old people gettin' their groove on! When I heard they're going to crown a Prom King & Queen, i threw down the gauntlet! I didn't have a chance in hell of getting prom queen in high school... & i have the pictures to prove it!! My senior prom was 1987... gulp! I wore a strapless, aqua metallic dress. It had a giant yoke and FULL skirt, yeah, all 90 lbs of me in a GIANT metallic dress- lovely! I don't have a picture of me from prom here at my house...(i'm going to have to get some pictures from my parents house!), but here are some goodies from the 80's!
We sure loved us some jewel tones, giant bows, & asymmetrical stylin' didn't we? Oh & that "scrunched" up sewing down the front!

and if ONLY i could get this to the house in time... If you have any prom pictures of yourself you'd like me to post, please send them my way!!!! amisschell@yahoo.com
I'm off to goodwill to see if i can find anything, if not i may have to meet my mom & grab that metallic baby!


loveofbeads said...

DELIGHTFUL. You are making me think of my 1988 junior prom. Is it wrong that I feel a little angry every spring when I see the "cool" prom dresses kids get to wear? What, no netting? No gloves to the elbow? LOVE the playlist! Delightful blog! :-) Adorable etsy shop! You have a new fan.

zoe said...

So cool *2nd Chance Prom better than none! You must be the Diva PROM QUEEN indeed, at my age of born in 1982 all i recognized was Madonna Pop Queen and i love her style which my both sister always followed their idol icon! By the way will you makeup youself in the 80's too? i believe was so fun to do it again prom nite;p
Quick and show me your metallic baby i can't wait to see!

I love the 80's prom dress in your post especially the black one and green dazzling! *STUNNING*

Waiting my 50's chiffon pink gown!

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