Monday, June 29, 2009

Caution: Interior Designer at WORK!!

Hey, the blog contest lasts till July 6th- you can vote 1 time EVERY day, so... get it on! Introduce your friends to my blog, get me to 1st place & win a PINK Kitchen Aide mixer!!

Just kidding, but that would be awesome, hun?

are you ready to choke me for begging for votes, do you wish i would burn the tips of my fingers off so i couldn't type a beg?

Ok, today i want to show you whats going on around here:This is our front entry- isn't it UGLY? The above picture was taken when the mister & i first started dating. I knew when i saw it, it would HAVE to be redone! Ha, i think the 1st time i ever walked into his house I was re-decorating it in my head! Actually, the 1st time i saw his home, I was surprised a single guy lived here- it was too "nice".

I've hated that wall color forever... dead grey-green, the color of a 3 day old corpse. I'm not usually a fan of the color yellow, but this entry needed to be YELLOW. It has that huge window, it's the front entry & it leads into the main part of our home. I picked a color from the Ralph Lauren collection, went to the store and picked...
the wrong one!
i went with the darker, more yellow one... i put it up & thought, i'm just going to live with it, i picked it, i painted & i'm going to make it work. or not...

here it is 1/2 way downYou can really tell in this next picture how YELLOW it is & yikes, when the sun comes up in the morning- grab your SPF 70!

Now i'm worrying, i've picked, i've painted, and i'm not thrilled...Ewww, ugly green, too bright yellow and, OAK! i HATE oak!

Saturday the Mister & i headed to get supplies to get this finished up. First stop: my favorite breakfast place! and that's when it happened, again...

i walked in & remembered this was the place that i was designing my home after! i LOVE the decor of this place! It has the colors i love and the style. The moment i walked in I could see the entire project finished: the fabrics, the colors, the doors, the trim, even the stairway! I got my design mo-jo BACK!

I can't wait for you to see what we've done!!!

Eclectic, cottage with artsy touches- that's what i'm going for! I've got to get the 1 wall with a 2nd coat & then add the... Venetian Plaster! We've got 1 side totally done, but i don't want to post pictures till it's complete.
In doggy news: Mr. Theodore Winston is now nut less... He's happy in his new PINK bed! We dropped him off yesterday morning, picked him up yesterday afternoon & he's a new boy... err.... dog, i guess! This puppy thing isn't for the faint of ♥. Only 2 pee-pee accidents & i'm going to make sure that's the last of it...
Have a great day!

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Kugo said...

Okay, call me crazy but I like the yellow with all that wood. I'm no designer but I think the bright yellow offsets the dark wood. It's just paint, right? You can always repaint if you don't like it. I only say that because I don't have to come over and do the painting.

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