Monday, August 3, 2009

Final Week for Cupcake Contest!

This is the last week to get in on my "Cutie~Cupcake" give away! You need to go to LAST week's "Monday post" & enter there... ONLY enter on that post! I can only check 1 post for entries 'cause i'm simple like that! If you become a "follower" Hallelujah, tell me on that post & if you do a write up on YOUR blog, tell me there too... keep it simple for me people!

Yes, it's true, I have started RUNNING again & let me tell you - at 40 it's not what it was when i was a runner in my 20's! Saturday morning i get up to go for a run (sick, i know!). Darling daughter wants to go, not to run with me, but to be PUSHED in a jogging stroller! I forget i'm not 20 & this is my 1st week back at this, so i agree. To get to the paved road in the subdivision by my home i have to go down our dirt road, past the swarm of deer flies, then onto the other dirt road with the deer flies chasing me, then up a hill, down a hill, around the corner (deer flies in hot pursuit), down another hill & take a right into the subdivision. Darling's stroller is an awesome "Jeep" running stroller with a CD player in it... ever tried to play a CD while running down a bumpy dirt road?- not enjoyable! The constant skipping & occasional note (even by Santana) added to the annoyance of the constant deer fly buzzing around my head! So, i make it to the paved roads & the deer flies go to hide in wait for my return... Now it's paved, but most of it up hill! I run through the development, past every 3rd house that looks alike & head for home... Up the hill onto the dirt where the deer flies have patiently been waiting. Remember the beginning of the run where i was running "down" to get into the sub division? It's all UP now... I get chased all the way back to the house- on dirt, pushing a 32 lb child in a jogging stroller with a SWARM of deer flies after me like i'm a hot young 20 year old. As i'm running, just trying to just GET HOME i notice my butt cheeks now move when i run- as in up & down, up & down... Not the tight hard buns of steel i use to have. i've always loved that line in the movie "Pretty in Pink" when Lona (Annie Potts) is talking to Andie (Molly Ringwald) about her butt: "I used to have a great butt, I DID, I LOVED MY BUTT! I wish I had a photograph!" I remember saying someday i will quote this line & let me tell you friends... that day is here! So, if you are in your ___'s & love your butt- TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH, that is the moral of this here story!Tomorrow i will documenting my day in photo's, so make sure you tune in to see how the uber exciting spend a day on a dirt road in the middle of deer fly country!
Have a great monday & go shop etsy!!

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