Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beneath the Tree

Oh girls.... guess what I've done? Yesterday I went with my friend, cheekygreen to help her set up for a show in the Grand Rapids, MI area called "Beneath the Tree". It's a show where artists have their goods in BEAUTIFULLY decorated homes. The house cheekygreen is in, is ADORABLE! I was totally gawking at this gals beautiful home & just generally chit-chatting her up. I asked if she was an artist, & yes, she was but wasn't putting anything in the show since she was hosting this year. I kept saying "Oh, I should have done this" & she says "well, do you want to?"... So next thing you know it's midnight last night & i'm working like the mad hatter making cutie~cupcakes, business cards & a sign... I left at 1:00 this afternoon to get my things over to her house. I am TOTALLY whipped... I didn't get any pictures & am so bummed! Cheekygreen is suppose to get pictures for me- so I hope to have something to show you... Ok, I have to run get darling daughter from the bus stop & the Mister is grabbing pizza 'cause this girl is BEAT! I've been livin' too good & this rush of madness killed me.... go ahead, say it: i'm a WIMP!!! haha!! We'll chat tomorrow, once I recover :)

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