Monday, November 23, 2009

Cupcakes & Diamond Rings...

I couldn't say a peep last week, but this past Friday was a wonderful, fabulous, long-time-coming, fantastic, joyous PARTY!!
Yes, yes...those are horns coming out of the top of my head- cause I'm all devilish! And... the weird pose I've got? It looks like I have this long body & tiny short legs- when in reality the 4' 11 3/4" that i do have is mostly legs...It's not much, but being this short, I am glad I don't have the long body short leg thing going on! I also seem to be suffering from hip dysplasia (yeah, that's spelled wrong but even spellcheck didn't know what the heck I was talking about) .. but how about those fuchsia tights?
Oh HOW flippin' excited was I when this doll said "Oh, i recognize you from your blog", who just peed right there on the floor? Whose head blew up like a t
Thanksgiving day parade float? Who is going to have to pay an extra baggage charge next time she flys due to her giant ego?
Oh Candy-Cane girl, you made my night... no, make that my entire holiday season!
Oh yeah, this PARTY.... Yes, yes... let me quit talking about myself for a second-albeit hard for me! This party was for my cousin (Yes, the famous author Naughty Nurse *see previous post for the autobiography she wrote about ME). November 20th was her birthday AND the night her DARLING boyfriend POPPED the question! Thankfully I caught that, 'cause you know i just typed POOPED the question.... Anyway, she said YES!!! He had taken her out to dinner & then asked her where they both went to HS (back in the 80's-no they were NOT high school sweet hearts). It is wonderful, fabulous & perfect- we are all over the moon for these 2!
Now, let me tell you what a doll this man is: after he asked, he brought her back to the country club in town where he had planned a SURPRISE birthday/engagement party! I think he got her:
My pictures are horrible, but I think you can see how surprised & blown away by this party she was! See that glimmer? That is the beautiful diamond ring he bought for her... Do I have a good picture? Nope, but it's gorgeous!
Here I am with Naughty Nurse! How much do i love this girl? Neither of us have a sister, so I guess we're about as close to that as you can get being 1st cousins! This is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gals you're ever going to meet... No silly, not ME... HER!
Naughty Nurse, if you're reading: I love you like a sister & am thrilled beyond words that:
your love has come at last...
dang, wish we'd have brushed our hair!
Here they are with his guys!
So, it was a wonderful, wonderful Friday night!

Ok, I think I told you I was in a Christmas show (Beneath the Tree) & decided 24 hrs before it started to be involved... Well, I did pretty well- I sold 7 of my cutie-cupcakes! The 10 I have left with be in my etsy shop:
Here is my Teddy Bear Cutie~Cupcake still available.
So, is anyone getting their home decorated for CHRISTmas?... I'm thinking I'll start pulling things out today or tomorrow.... The Mister started the outdoor lights yesterday, but you know 1/2 of them didn't work- of course! I reminded him that was part of the joy of outdoor decorating!
Have a great day & if you're not a follower- join my cult- we have cupcakes!!


Coastal Sisters said...

You are too adorable!!

I am sure your BFF feels the same way about you!

I am loving the fabulous tights.


twinkleshabbystar said...

What a fabulous post!!! Congrats to the happy couple! WHOO-HOO!!! Omigosh!!! How adorable are you??? AND your fabulous sense of humor just makes me giggle. Im loving the inflated head joke. tee! hee! Your cupcake is ADORABLE as all of your work!!! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, and THANK YOU for being such a sweet loyal reader of my blog. I always appreciate you stopping by! :) HUGS! Jenn

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