Monday, November 16, 2009

My Life Story

Don't worry, not all 40 years are documented in the following book!
When I changed the living room around last week I found this adorable book my cousin (Naughty Nurse) wrote for me back in 1984! I tried to scan the pages, but the ink just wouldn't show up, so here are the pictures & I'll type what's written in case it's hard to see.
Here it goes:
Missi's Life
Written & Illustrated by "Naughty Nurse" (my cousin)
Contents 1. Things about her life.... (guess she knew already there wasn't much to tell!)
Things about her life. Hi, my name is Stephanie Schell. I am going to tell you about my cousin Ann Misschell Myers (I didn't remind her that my Anne has an "e"- it's just not me without the e). Well, lets begen (hey, she spelled it that way!). Missi, that's her nik name. She was born on Feb 2 (now you can see I was nice enough to point out her mistake & write in the correct date of 17 & to make sure everyone could understand, I also wrote it out: seventeenth) of 1969. A cute baby (thank you!). As she was growing up there were some things that happen to you (again, being the wench I was I've corrected her by changing "you" to "her").
Like this one. When she was at our grandma & grandpa's house She did not want to eat grandma's dinner. So grandpa said "you can just sit in the chair!" So she did. She kept saying
No one loves me!" and she finally came in and ate.
One time Missi & I got in to a fight we were just little, little then. Something got us mad and we began fighting. Well, it was time to go and mom said "say good bye" so did Missi's mom so we screamed at each other and we were mad.
Well, I am going up to the age of fifteen (with a giant 15 on the left, to prove her point, i guess).
Well, Lets get going. Missi has a doll house and it is the most beaful (I'm typing what she wrote folks!) house I've everseen. It's neat.
Well, I think that's all but, there are some pictures too look at. (geesh, that was it? Exciting childhood eh?)
Blank pages in the back in case some big excitement happened between the writing & the publishing, i guess....
Ok, I had to scan the pictures in so you could get a better view, because they are CLASSIC! 1st off I'd like to point out that my rainbow wallpaper was pre-gay folks taking over the rainbow- it was in no way a statement on my sexual preferences in 4th grade (or today for that matter- Regardless of what a bitter spineless ex husband might want to tell complete strangers in coffee shops... but I digress).
RAINBOWRAINBOWRAINBOW... man, i loved that wallpaper & my lavender carpet!
My Dad built this dollhouse & I played with it for YEARS! I decorated & re-decorated that house a thousand times over!
This picture was taken in 1980 & i remember the jeans like it was yesterday! They had white piping down the side & I thought they were awesome! I'm holding a starfish at some museum... can't remember where.
Isn't it kind of sick how SEXY our mom's dressed us? Hardly appropriate for such young girls! It's almost vulgar how high my pants are pulled up!! And that sexy turtleneck on "Naughty Nurse"! We both had it "goin' on", can I get an AMEN!!!??
Well, now that you know EVERYTHING about my life from 1969-1984 I have nothing else to say...

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stephanie said...

Oh, my I laughed so hard reading this blog! My story sounds like I'm a bit mentally challenged!!! What a good laugh. Thanks for sharing. Love ya. Steph

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