Monday, November 9, 2009

Oops, i missed Friday didn't i? Good stuff Monday!!

Ooops... all day Friday I kept thinking I had forgotten something- usually it's deodorant or picking my daughter up from school, but nope it was my post on my new glasses- Riveting for sure! Last year I got new frames & i loved them until... i realized I looked just like:
Yes, that's Christian something-or-other, the youngest winner of "project runway". I love the show & i love the fashions he designs, but... as a 40 year old woman my goal is NOT to look like a young gay man who wins design shows! The most frightening part... i REALLY did look like him with my glasses on in the morning- you know, when my hair was sticking up & i had no make-up on! If i was really brave i would have done a side-by-side photo, but trust me- we were TWINS- although my glasses have a glittery butterfly thing on 1 side & I think he skipped that feature:
So the last time i went to Costco, i saw this pair & was pretty sure there was no young gay man I was going to resemble in them...
Cute hun? look at the case- PINK VELVETY SWIRLS!!
i love the color & the black & white dots!!
Other good things:
Your brother dressed as a dancing bear! Does it get any better?
A few weeks ago I went to the Cascade Wine Tasting Room with some girlfriends. If you like wine, chocolate & raspberry's... then you'll love their award winning dessert wine! I think almost everyone left with a bottle or 2... One of my friends (yeah you Cheeky!) kept saying "it makes such a great hostess gift, it's such a great gift to take to someone, it's the perfect gift when you're invited over to someones home".... and then GUESS WHAT? She invited me over! Yeah, right... try to take my dessert wine lady!
If you're interested they have a website:
Now, this is NOT the shoe I stole off a gnome, nor an elf, it's also not a baby elephant or anything you can pee in on a road trip... it's THE NETI POT!! I'm telling you, I am spreading the word on this little miracle worker! If you don't know what it is google it & find the video. I'd have shot one myself but sticking this up 1 nostril & letting saline pour out the other side- not real pretty! I have NEVER been able to breath out of my nose... NEVER! If you have any type of sinus issues, frequent sinus infections/colds, allergies, impaired sense of smell or taste, ear infections... You should check it out! There is definitely a learning curve to pouring water up & out your nose but... I'll NEVER go a day without using mine!!
and... remember this chair? Well, it showed up TWO days after ordering it!! I LOVE it (thanks again LuLu)!! The ONLY bad thing... the delivery. The Mister had his table saw in the driveway because he was cutting trim & don't you know that delivery guy swerved around the saw & got his tires on the LAWN! Well, if you know anything about the mister, it's that his lawn is his baby!! It looks like a golf course (minus the holes!) & the thought that man would drive onto it... for shame! He was informed he could go out the other drive on his way out...
& another good thing: closet doors- BACK ON! No more staring at all that stuff in there begging to be straightened every 10 minutes!
Well, it's almost 11:30 in the morning & I've done nothing but: this post, chat with my cousin, send her a video of the updated bedroom makeover, sweep bee's out of the windows (WHERE are they coming from??) & put a load of dark clothes in the washer! I've got to go get on my treadmill, get dressed & go get groceries... Have a great day!


Coastal Sisters said...

See, that chair was just made for your room and my foyer!

I am lmbo at you saying you look like Christian Siriano with your glasses on!! *snort*

Happy Monday!!

Amber said...

Haha! Girl you are too funny! =D Love love the chair! And the floors. . . So is the dancing bear your bro from the Firefly? ;-) Halloween I'm guessing? If you love girls getaways, you will have to try DeBrands here! THE best chocolate and desserts evah! Cute new glasses by the way.

CheekyGreen said...

uh....and you didn't bring the wine did you? All the begging for nothing!

CheekyGreen said...

uh....and you didn't bring the wine did you? All the begging for nothing!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally afraid of the neti pot, but at the same time I think it might be life changing...

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