Tuesday, November 17, 2009

crochet mania!

I've wanted to learn to crochet ever since I saw this book...
so I bought some yarn:
and some books...
& the necessary hooks...
aren't the plastic ones PRETTY!!??
I read the books, I watched these great video's on youtube & NOTHIN'! I can make a mean chain, but I have too many questions & no one to ask! I went to Joanne's & got their class schedule & when I added up the 2 classes I wanted to take it was $75! Hmmm.... at the rate I bore of things I wasn't sure I wanted to spend $75 on 2 classes or just put it toward a great pair of boots. Oh yeah, I already have all these supplies... so I went back to Joanne's & what do you know, they were having 1/2 off all classes- so I signed up for the 2 I wanted! The 1st class is just the basics & then the 2nd class is the Granny Square class & that's a good thing because you'll notice one of the books I got was "101 Granny Squares"! Look out because everyone I know will soon be sporting a granny square vest & isn't it the granny square stitch that you use to make those cool beer can hats? I think my MOM would look awesome in one of these!!
I went to flickr & typed in "crochet"... Look at all the adorable things people are making!!
pea-pod by AnaPaulaRimoli
egg by avoirect
doll by ElisabethD's
dolly hats by EmilySzettella
flowers by HollandFabricHouse
Bitty bears by jojoling
babies by knittingturnip or www.rainbowproject.etsy.com
scarf by LidiaLuz (her stuff is AMAZING!!)
Necklace also by the talented LidiaLuz!
Awww, you know I love the little Asian girl by PlanetaAmigurumi
cats by stripeyblue
bowl by thecrocheteer (isn't it amazing??)
My 1st class is Nov 30th... I hope I don't flunk!
Do you crochet? Knit? What projects are you working on or do you just have a 1/2 finished blanket from 1974 like my Grandma! She started some throw that was made with 100's of separate leaves... My mom took it over about 20 years ago, I've never heard from that blanket again...


stephanie said...

I want that hat made out of beer can's for Christmas!!!lol...Good luck with your new class. Don't you have enough on your plate already?? Your favorite fan :)

Lori said...

Good luck to you! I do minimal. Love the flowers when vintage beads and stones are added and all is made into pins! Have fun, Lori

Anonymous said...

I just started doing some crochet for Christmas (don't spill the beans - it's a secret for my sister). I'm wretched at it, but wonder if I would improve with a class? I actually just ordered a book from the library to help me out.

Can't wait to hear all about the class!

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