Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Bargains galore!!!

This room...
With this chair:

Oh boy, do i owe LuLu of Coastal Sisters a big shout out & thank YOU!!! This chair is in her front entry - she featured it on her blog with all her DARLING Halloween goodies. I left her a comment telling her I needed THAT chair! She was so sweet to let me know where it's from & the fact it was 1/2 OFF.... Clearance- i love that guy!!! So, if you know of anyone that needs a chair like this send them over to JC Penney online outlet store!! What good stuff!! The reviews on it were fabulous & if you've been over to LuLu's blog- you know what great taste that gal has! I never think to check JC Penney... guess it was just a place my grandparents always shopped, but this site has amazing stuff!!
I know Halloween is over, but isn't that the BEST time to find good stuff at great prices? Clearance strikes again!
I stopped at Michael's (craft store) yesterday & grabbed a bunch of goodies for next to nothing!
You can't really see it, but this tassel has clear crystal beads mixed in the fringe.
I was getting ready to tell you this was a deal except it only came with 1 "P"... then i noticed they were stuck together- ha! I think I'll add to this banner & make it more 3-D for next year!
I grabbed 2 of these guys:
This is another silver sparkly goodie that i think I'll add to... maybe a crepe paper collar or a hat?....
and then there's Bob... such a lazy fella!
Here he is riding away from the little dog that won't quit licking his foot...
Bob- don't you dare NOT replace the toilet paper roll!
I have a feeling Bob & I are going to have a lot of good times together this winter! He's the kind of guy you can really pour your heart out to!
Have a great day- I'm off to the treadmill. I would add "ug" to that, but I'm trying to do positive self talk "i love to run on the treadmill, it's so fun, I can't wait...." you know, crap like that.
Tomorrow: Good Stuff Friday & a review of my new glasses...


Anonymous said...

I think Bob is going to be your new best friend!

Coastal Sisters said...

That chair was just made for your new room! I am glad I was able to help :)

I love it when all holiday goodies go on sale and you can get them for practically nothing.

Now, as far as Bob goes, I would leave him out all year long and decorate him with fanciful hats for the seasons/holidays. How fun!


Angela said...

I love the chair!! When we moved into our new house, I rediscovered JCP! I was the same way as you-I thought of it as an old person store :) They have cute stuff for the home though.

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh what a nice chair and isn't the design similar with your bed sheet?
I did the same thing like you but mine was easter over clearance! *teehee* I got myself a easter banner and little tote bag:)

Funny Bob!

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