Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art prize and the bloated carcass of....well, of something!

The 2nd Annual ArtPrize is headed to Grand Rapids, MI again this year!!
Sept 22-Oct 10
A group at my Church has a huge painting in this years contest.
Our church is very involved with:
(link below)
This is a group helping people in Rwanda get clean drinking water.
Did you know 1 in 8 people do not have access to clean water? 
If you're going to be in GR for this event, head down to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and see this HUGE painting...
It's in the reflecting pool... you CAN'T miss it!
Head over to their website

We parked and walked through the downtown people watching and taking pictures.  As we were headed over the bridge I was snapping some pictures of the downtown.
Pretty hun?
Well, let me tell you, if you've got a crowd of 1,000 people and one dudes (cause it's always a dude, right ladies?) got his pants unzipped, I'M going to notice.  So... as I'm taking pictures I notice there is 1 spot in the Grand River that catches all the trash AND...
a bloated.....something or others?!
Unfortunately (or thankfully for some people), the head never bobbed to the top, so I wasn't sure if it was a dog or just a fryer chicken.
Whatever it was, the hair (feathers? fur?) had been brushed clean away.
And seriously, who is the %*#&%$ that is throwing plastic bottles in the river? Grrr!
Apparently I wasn't the only one that noticed 
So all, in all it was a GREAT day downtown!!
Bubble Tea
Rascals Races
and ART!!
After a fabulous day of art and bloated dead stuff the ragweed sought revenge on me... I spent the night with my head feeling like it was going to explode, but the memory of that carcass kept me going!
Happy Tuesday!!!

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Melanie said...

I'm with you on the freaky carcass. It looks like a dog or a pig or something. Yuck. Hopefully it was "buried" there and not murdered nearby. I am also with you on the bastards that litter. Like a trash can - or God forbid a recycling bin - is so far away that you just have to get rid of you empties in a beautiful, natural place.

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