Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I wore today...and other, better stuff!

Ok, so it was yesterday, but still!
You know how all those cute YOUNG bloggers in their vintage dresses like to post their outfits on their blogs and outfit remix sites?
Well, not wanting to be left out, I thought I'd join in...
Don't hate...
Oh yeah, then I have to give a run down of where I got everything: Shirt- TJ Maxx.  It's one of those running shirts that wick the wetness off of you, I wore it in 04 when I adopted my daughter from the sauna known as China.  Pants: Meijer, terry cloth and too short and WAY too wide.  Sexy, I know!
 I decided I'd better just post Darling's outfits, cause even if I don't wear them, I must say: I can pick them!!
(Target: head to toe)
I'm going to live vicariously through her outfits...
This year I'm going to stick to my goal of taking pictures of what SHE wears all year!  I know I love to see what I wore as a kid in the 70's!
Ok, so you know how I never finish what I start and I always have 1,000 projects and 999 problems with said project?!  Well, I watched the video on how to use my sewing/embroidery machine and I FIXED the issue I was having and look what I got done!!!
(please note improved outfit today!!)
Yes, my friends, it went from this
to this
note: fancy stitching
Now, don't get all excited, it's not me, it's the machine!
The sewing machine I have is smarter then you and I combined and it cost more than my car (although that might not be saying much...).
It is beyond me and I do NOT deserve to have this machine, but I do...long story.
Off to the dentist...will my $25,000 smile ever be done?


Jacey said...

That was funny, I looked down at I am wearing today, jeans complete with hole at knee this is not a design feature just old and worn out, faded black t-shirt complete with the added extra of banana put there by Isla's little grubby hands.

BundlesofBlossoms said...

This post made me laugh right out loud as I tend to look this way throughout the weekdays, especially.

With the exception of today, of course. I am wearing black goucho pants with a hole in the crotch and couldn't find my black undies to disguise the hole so I hope for no company and if so to remind myself to sit like a lady-not-HA!

Love the finished camera strap:)

Michele said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard right now! I love those pants. Ha. I have a pair just like 'em! I am totally following you! ^__^

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh Cutie♥
You crack me up totally*bahahaha!!!*Perhaps i love this post and you should continue though, it's fun isn't it?
WOW Amazing! Love your camera strap♥ I want a sewing machine too but do you think he'll going to get one for me?!?
Love ya!


Funny in My Mind said...

Oh, if you could see some of the things I wear around the house....
Love, love, love the camera strap (and shopping at Target)

chinamommy said...

Well, we can't be Paris Hilton EVERY day can we? haha! thanks gals, glad you enjoyed!!

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