Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Fabric Cuffs by chinamommy!!

I've been working like a dog down in my studio to get these done!!
Eeeek, I'm really happy with how they turned out!

 Darling says the one below should be called "Ballerina"
 The cuffs turned out pretty tiny (we have abnormally small wrists in this house, so I'm headed down to make a "normal" adult size!).  These are best for XS wrists, even Darling can wear them!
They are approx: 7-1/2 inches from end to end and about 6-3/4 inches when closed (velcro closure).
 Ok, not a cuff, just something I made quite a while ago and have never taken pictures of!
Glittery faux Ice-cream cone...
with Swarovski crystals!

 Isn't my deck prettier with glitter?  Can't wait to get that old thing torn off for a 3 season room!!

 My name is Teddy and I eat glitter, don't be jealous of my gorgeous glittery dog poo!

1 comment: said...

Love the pink ones on the Eiffel Tower and the ice cream cone wall hanging. ooh, and the black and white one in the candy dish. These should do well for your shop! When are you going to help me get mine up and running???

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