Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My long, long...LONG weekend

Ok, not "long" as in bad, but let's just say "it was time for school".  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughter, but she was ready, I was ready and today is a good day!  Monday we decided to head out to Lake Michigan because we heard there were some GIANT waves and I wanted to see if I could be rescued by a helicopter and make the 11 O'clock news!
1st off: see how Darling is dressed?  1. hat, 2. hooded sweatshirt, 3. jeans... guess what? It was CHILLY, really chilly...
but do you see this?:
a lady in a bikini with a surfboard!
 the water WAS warmer than the air, which is fine if you plan on staying IN the water.
I found this pill and sold it to a hooker
Now this guy may have made the 11 O'clock news.
this is him walking along the EDGE (NOT THE main walk out to the lighthouse) with his 2 VERY young boys.  It's wet, it's slippery and the waves were totally crashing up along here... 
Can you even believe what a chance people are willing to take with their kids?  To the right (ON the walk) is Mom, I couldn't believe she was letting her idiot husband take her babies onto that ledge!!!
a little piece of "art" carved into the boardwalk.
We walked out to the lighthouse, watched some fisherman, walked on the beach and had a stranger take a picture of the 3 of us with my new camera (after we figured out that I didn't have it turned on).  
Suddenly Darling had to go potty-go figure.
We didn't have shoes (we left them in the truck)...
public bathroom at the beach with no shoes!
1 toilet was FULL 
the stall Darling chose had a pantie liner stuck to the floor
wet toilet paper
sand all over
EXTREME grossness
So gross, even I didn't take pictures (yes, I know.... You're welcome!!).
I was beyond grossed out, I'm still shivering just thinking about it.
Headed home and saw this
No, not the camper... the GARAGE!!  
Can you say "Hoarder"?  The Mister even turned around so I could see it (and take a picture).  I would guess the inside of his home wasn't much better and who wants to bet that trailer is being used as a storage unit?!
Then as we drove up the road to our drive we saw our "Friendly" neighbors place
Nice, hun?
and then TODAY at 8:05 this little sweetie headed off to 2nd grade!
No, I didn't pick the outfit.  She's been dying to wear this shirt that says "Pick me, Pick me".  Out of all the adorable new outfits, she wanted the t-shirt.
Her face?
Well, I had this weird email a while back that "someone" was searching for me.  They wouldn't tell me who unless I joined their group, but by the 3 clues they gave me I knew just who it was.
It made me a little paranoid that perhaps she (yes, it's a she) was trying to keep tabs on me or spy on us.
It's not someone dangerous, just someone that is nosy and nasty and has no business being in my business, so I think I'll just keep my sweetie's face for us right now...
Ok, school has started and that means it's time for this girl to get to her studio and start makin' some stuff!
Have a great day!!


viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

How ya doing with the back to school? My daughter has been a brat and way needed to be back at school! But now that its been a couple of hours I'm missing B. K- I'm excited to see how she does this year- hoping for good things! Can't believe you went to the beach= brrr!

Sherry said...

I like darlings shirt! Hope that she has a wonderful day at school and that you enjoy your day as well!

Risa said...

You are SUCH a trip!!! I hope the hooker enjoyed the pill. BTW - Darling dresses just like Alayna. Although Alayna is currently on a monochromatic streak.

Okay, I will stop stalking you now.

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Awesome post today.

As far as that dumb mom and dad with their kiddo's, goes walking on the slipperiness by Lake Michigan......bad things don't happen to dummies like that who take risks with their kids. Those things tend to happend to parents like me, you, and to parents that are careful like the majority of us good responsible parents and that really P's me off. Okay jumping off my soapbox as I am thinking of those kiddos so close to the water-Grrrrrrrrr......

Loved the the hooker pill:)

Angela said...

Sounds like fun! I still can't believe people even get in Lake Michigan and we were there on a "hot" day!

ugh- the public bathroom and no shoes. Who do you think you are, Britney Spears or something??

;) Have a great week crafting away and filling that shop for Christmas!

Melanie said...

I am totally with Pickles on the Britney thing! That was exactly what I was thinking. As far as the pill? You should have given it to the hoarder. It may have made life easier.

I think I know you your stalker is from what you said. Freaky! Some people - like you - are just unforgettable!

Anonymous said...

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Aura said...

interesting story. funny but sad story.
I am sorry for you.

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