Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ugh, sometimes it's so confusing!!

I've wanted to give chinamommy an update for a LONG time and I don't mean just changing the background!  I want to use all those cute fonts and I want the set up to be different, but... I am elderly in the world of computers and technology!  I got a wonderful book:
I went to this site and got FREE FONTS (that are adorable!)
I got this big girl camera

made this cute strap

read tons of how-to's, tried to get my pictures loaded onto my mac, and freaked out because LOUD bagpipe "music" was playing on the tv in the background.
So instead of giving the blog a make-over, I made a Bento for Darling.
 this is ONLY the 1st little one I've put together, so as I gather more supplies (cause you know I WILL!)
I hope they'll be a bit more spectacular!
Oh yeah... the blog make-over!
Everything is just so hard for me to figure out and there are some fabulous tutorials out there but I just need to devote an entire day (week??) to doing NOTHING but learning this stuff!  I'm going to keep plugging away because I really do want to make this blog bigger, better, and, of course, CUTER!
Stayed tuned next week and I'll show you how to make this:
IF you're interested, go grab these supplies this weekend:
TP rolls, foil, small dish, wire cutters, thick wire, black felt (small amount for eyes/mouth), liquid starch and cheesecloth!
(and a can of white spray paint is really going to help!  after doing the 1st one last night, I'm thinking this will make things a LOT easier.)
See you next week with the how-to!


Sherry said...

I don't understand the whole blog world either - you will have to teach me aftet you learn it all!

I am SOOOOOO happy that you joined a running grou! I hope that you love it just as much as I do. That's awesome too if you start a girls group... I like Run like a girl for your name ;)

And the cupcake and sprinkles thing you said was just perfect...that's so true as well... you are definitely her sprinkles. Thanks for always saying something special!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am loving the look of your Blog! Good Job! *golf clap*

I can't wait to see what you are working on.


BundlesofBlossoms said...

Well, I must say, I think your blog is fabulous, lady!!!!

Your stories , alone, keep bringing me back!

By the way, I love those animal toothpick-y-ish things.

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