Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yes, it's true

My brother is going to have a painting at ArtPrize also... well, he says he is.  You know those "artist types"...
Here is a link, you can check him out and see his "unfinished" painting.
You'll need to go to the above link and then find browse artists and type in the name:
John Myers
or maybe this link will work for you... it wouldn't for me as I was typing this in, but give it a try
 I know, I know... it's amazing!
but just think... that's in his mind!
beautiful and scary at the same time.
He was conceived under a full moon after my parents both consumed large amounts of chili, what can they say?


Romaine said...

This is STUNNING! Do ya think he would give it to you for Christmas? ;0p

chinamommy said...

I have one of his paintings, I had to literally just TAKE it from his house. He's weird about his paintings, to him, they are NEVER done!!

The Rusty Teapot said...

Crikey Your Brother is Awesome! such talent so much more interesting than a painting of a vase or bowl of fruit. Now this is real ART!

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