Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Ummm, i gotsta, gotsta hurry and i should have done this (post) last night but i didn't because a new episode of "First 48" was on and if you know anything about me, you know i LOVE me some police 
1. This is why i need to get busy:
("trash", so i don't try to eat out of it, i guess?!)
 i can hardly stand to show these, it is OUT OF CONTROL!  i'm in a downward spiral with photo's. i have soooooooooooo many and i just can't keep them in a box. at this point i am sooooooooo behind that i am going NUTS trying to get them in albums. i have given up doing the xtra fancy pages but i'm a little psycho about making sure they are in date order.  there are stacks and stacks and stacks of pages waiting to go into albums.  as much anxiety as this causes me, i know most would encourage me to just give it up- but it is NOT happening, i'm in too deep!
(paper only- you know, so i don't put "trash" in it!)

2. I'm going to start this book (in LARGE print edition! cause i'm 42 now)
 after i finish this.

3. i put food coloring (1 drop) in my soap to make it fancy and match my kitchen.  i'll let you know if my hands are blue by the end of the month.

4. i'm giving this mascara a try-it says "AVEC volume boosting complex" and because i am a marketing person's dream and believe EVERYTHING they put on packaging... i bought it!
(it's by Rimmel London)

5. The Mister is getting ready for a BIG hunting trip... have ya ever seen so much camo?

6. from my yard

7. i've got this long skinny laundry room, it needs glamified! here is the before, the after is still in my head.  the walls are chocolate brown, i'm going to try and think around that because i HATE to paint and the mister wasn't keen on hot pink walls...

8. one of the projects in that sewing book of kids clothes. i want to dress like this, so therefore, Darling is going to. shut up, i know i can't sew, but in my mind i can and that's where it counts, right?

9 have i mentioned my awesome friend Chris who drew this picture of my daughter (when she was 3 at an Easter egg hunt-my daughter, NOT Chris).  i need to get it framed, it's a goal before the end of this year!
 let's look a little closer, because it is awesome!

10. PLEASE take a look at the above tab, the one about the kids hat drive. if you would facebook, blog or twitter this information, i will LOVE you forever!!
(this photo is from last years hat drive. the poor little one in the front isn't so happy about being in a baby pile!)
i'd also like to announce which orphanage will be receiving the hats this year:
Chengdu City Children's Welfare Center.
IF you have ANY questions about this hat drive, please email me!!

4 comments: said...

Oh yes, that lovely painting deserves a frame!

Funny in My Mind said...

I love the First 48 (so does Mel)
That room is organized chaos.
I used to do Creative Memories scrapbooking and I never had a room to set up in so I did THAT to the kitchen table, the living room floor, etc. I finally have the room to put a table in my basement and have no interest in scrapbooking. I suck.
My Sister's Keeper? Really? Really? I guess you like a stuffy nose and puffy eyes. Rent the movie, you will see. We watched it on Thanksgiving last year and my sister's and i were a mess.
I have tried a million mascaras. I love the Clinique and keep going back.
My husband wants to go hunting and donate the meat to the needy. I am not hip on that jive. He just want another gun.
You could put pink or blue accents in the laundry room. Or green. Baskets with colorful liners, shelves for the baskets.
That is an amazing picture of your beautiful daughter! Get it framed and put a bird on it.

LeeLu Creations said...

I can so relate to the organization thing you got going on, except picture a room with beads and jewelry making supplies AND scrapbooking stuff. It's too far gone, i think.

I have that same mascara and I like it!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

OMG! I'm famous! Yes, would you frame that thing already????And I love the comment 'put a bird on it" Great idea! Glad you are back blogging!

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