Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Easy Iced Coffee Goodness

Ok, I know not everyone loves coffee (dorks) and even those that do enjoy a cup O' Joe, may not enjoy ICED coffee, but you should!  Let me share with you a tasty little treat I love to make for myself during the 3 months of warm weather we enjoy here in Michigan.  This is how this mama makes it:
1. Brew some strong black coffee over ice (I like to use dark roast because it's going to get watered down.)
 2.  Add some more ice and some half and half... or if you're lame, skim milk...or if you're Aunt Boozie, add Baily's.
 3. Get out your "Silver Bullet", realize your Mister has left it COVERED in tomato gunk and vow to just shut up and wash it yourself because he was making chili you are going to enjoy all winter and he's the one out slaving away at a real job while you make iced coffees and blog the days away...
 4. Blend it.
 5. Put a bird on it and enjoy!  I mean "Stick a straw in it and enjoy"!! 
(I like to blend it, 'cause i'm fancy!)


Angela said...

Yummy!!! I love iced coffee but now that it is 70 degrees here I think I am freezing! Oh and I forgot to say in my comment below - that is such a sweet photo of "Darling"

Funny in My Mind said...

I have the coffee, ice and Baileys. Could you come over and enjoy it with me and my bird?

Renee said...

I'm a dork. I hate coffee and anything with that flavor in it. But I love the way coffee smells.

But your coffee looks great and I think I would like that if I liked coffee.

But I love iced tea and hot tea. I make something similar with chai tea.

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