Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Random Vacation snippets!

Get ready, it's like your grandpa's vacation slide show, only BETTER!
1. We got home from vacation this morning at 12:30ish
Vacationing can be hard, or rather, coming BACK from vacation is hard!

2. We were in Northern Michigan and then went into the UP and over to Mackinac Island!

3. We didn't eat at any chain places the whole trip.  The Mister suggested we try only mom and pop restaurants and it was a REALLY great idea!

4. One place we didn't eat and not ONLY because it wasn't open...
If you have a small dog, you might think the same thing we did... Coming Soon: little dogs poops on buns!

5. Traverse City got crochet bombed

6. While in Traverse City I saw: the receptionist where I use to work and hadn't seen for 7 years! I also saw a friend from High School that I hadn't seen since 1987!  

7. Look at this place on the beach...
We got the low down from some people we met on the beach... there was a LOT of local drama surrounding this house.  It took them over 4 years to get it built, apparently the locals weren't thrilled about this McMansion.  Hey... isn't it their $ and their property?...

8. We took a horse drawn carriage ride all over Mackinac Island, here is our view

9.  I think this lady got left behind...

10.  My darling starts 3rd grade on Tuesday.  She is excited, I am a tiny bit sad...the years are flying by!  The good news: the blog will get back on track! I'll be back to blogging on a much more regular basis and hope to be better than ever.  I've spent a lot of time thinking of what direction I want to go with my blog and with my etsy shop (who died a slow painful death over the summer).
Have a wonderful weekend and we'll chat SOON!!
Oh yeah, and here's a bonus for the weekend!!!!!
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Angela said...

Rosie's Diner is TOO cute!! love that the city got "crochet bombed" -how cool :)

Glad you had a nice trip - enjoyed "chatting" with you on your drive home ;)

Unusual Girl Studios said...

You know, Rosie's is right around the corner from me- silly! We can go there any time you do know its where the paper towel commercials were filmed right? That house is everything that is wrong with the building industry- Mcmansion is right! I liked your view on the carriage ride and that girl of pretty.

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