Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Candy Colored Front Porch Remodel!

last summer the Mister tore the railing off of our front porch.  one of the best things we've ever done to this house!!  since the railing is off we've used the front porch more than we ever have.  honestly, before the railing came down i don't know if we'd ever sat out there; the railing hit me right in the eyes so it was a lovely view...  we got crazy lucky this summer with some adirondack chairs so it was time to pretty up the porch!!  Here's what we started with: 2 white chairs and 1 red chair (and 1 red table, that may STILL be in the box waiting for a super handy man...).
me being me, i couldn't leave these chairs alone....
 oh yeah, and a ugly dark brown bench that i power washed to some shabby ugliness...
 i grabbed my tools of choice
and got this: 1 gorgeous turquoise, 1 original red color and...
 my gosh, who called in hunter orange? 
and ummm.... this was suppose to be lime, not day-glo yellowy/green
(notice i was smart enough to NOT finish this!!)
so now i have turquoise (which i LOVE), red, (which i like but yet something isn't right), orange (which i hate) and a yellowy green neon bench (which i also HATE!).  i don't want to tell the mister (i tend to paint and regret and re-paint and agonize and...). i just wasn't happy with my pallet, not 1 bit, it was better than nothing, but who wants "better than nothin'"?  the last 2 months every time i drive in our driveway i cringe, it's just NOT RIGHT!! so.... today i am on pinterest doing some "research" (you girls on there know what i mean. researching DIY's that i pin but am so busy pinning i never have time to do).  so anyway, i see this 
and the angels sang and the light from heaven shone down on my spray paint obsession collection!!
i ran outside, grabbed the safety cone orange chair and the red one.  red, i loved you but you just don't go with my vision...goodbye!  don't worry turquoise, you and i are in a truly committed relationship.

★was orange★
★was red★
★was just plain old GROSS★
(i know the green kinda looks the same, but trust me, it is less yellow than it was...it's gonna work!)
by george, i think i've GOT IT!!  i'm off to get 1 more can of pink (mister, i promise...just 1 more can is all it's going to take....) and then... i need to get the porch back together before everyone gets home so they can both do their eye roll!  i also repainted our front doors and will do a big reveal of the whole thing. ( i need to get my trim around the door painted and then it will be READY!!!)  and just so ya know...i only painted the doors once!  got that baby right the very 1st time.  please tell me i'm not alone!!! i am someone that just can't get it together until i've done it wrong... story of my life!
paint horror stories? do tell!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Can't wait to see everything!! Ummmmmm, you could have kept that chair orange...that could have been MY throne for when I come to visit one day! Tee hee!!!


Angela said...

The story of my life too! I hate my living room so much I could scream! But it takes me so long to finish a project I don't want to start re-doing it! I just look at it like - well at least its done--

On the other hand, all this junk I have collected, I love working on it and can't wait work on it. Maybe I will just complete my junk, sell it, and use the money to pay someone to redo my living room for me.

Can't wait to see the big porch reveal!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

I have more paint horror stories than I can count, most recently, this summers backyard crapola makeover (pics to follow when I get around to it)

I love your Pinterest inspiration for the color pallet. The green bench looks awesome, as well as, everything else-Great eye, lady, great eye (wink)

Amber Zimmerman said...

Love love love it my friend! We are true craft sisters. My heart swelleth with joy. I have been tackling the same projects myself! :)

chinamommy said...

my Mister never even noticed, our kiddo TOLD him last night and he never said a word to me- ha!! i bet there was some internal eye rolling on his part :)

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