Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Friday...

Oh my, is it Friday already?!
1. Artprize is back in Grand Rapids, MI!! 
If there is anyway you can get here, DO IT!! go here for all the info: artprize

2. I'm running a 5k tomorrow morning.  i've only run twice in the last 4 weeks thanks to the ragweed trying to KILL ME! my mister ran a 5k last saturday and i should have, there were VERY few runners and i would have got a medal, and you all know how i LOVE the medals (and Range Rovers) 
really the only reason to run, right?  well, that and a nice butt! 

3.      Aren't these beautiful?
                 from HERE: annabellearts

4. i love her

5. my vintage find, $7!!

6. i may or may not be obsessed with this scarf i found at the GAP outlet.
don't be surprised when i am wearing it every time we meet!

7. I had a customer order this week!!!
from my paper cuts are cute etsy shop!

8. MORE new fabric pins, waiting for pin backs and then headed to my other etsy shop
 (Yes, Mel and Funny-i put a bird on it!!)
9. tried to buy these 2 for darling yesterday....

she was having NONE of it... she kept saying "i don't like that "mission" stuff".  i am destined to live with a sweat-suit-wearin'-cutie with NO sense of style... i can't even imagine my mom offering to buy me designer duds as a kid, let alone me turning her down?!?!?!

10. PLEASE please, please don't forget about the hat drive for the kids in China!!!  
the deadline to send those hats to me is 10/31/11.  this year they are going to the kids at the Chengdu City Children Welfare Center.  IF you do not want to make or buy hats, please donate using the DONATE button on the top of the blog, top-left. EVERY SINGLE PENNY is used for the drive!!  Please consider donating $1 today!
(all info in the above TAB)
           have a GREAT weekend!!    


LeeLu Creations said...

Your sad face pic made me laugh out loud! Normally I wouldn't laught at a genuine sad face but I know it's just you cuttin' up. :)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

I saw a Range Rover the other day and instantly thought of you and then of Kris Jenner & the Kardashians-LOL!!!!!!!

I want and need that scarf like a junkie needs their next fix:)

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