Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. My darling is off of school today so we're going to go see...

20.5 carats?? TWENTY POINT FIVE?? Oh yeah, and that guy? Ehhh, he doesn't do much for me, but...20.5?!?!?!

3. If you can't find your remote, he's available for hire!
Let me just brag about my Mister real quick: Since Christmas he's lost over 35 lbs, started walking and is GOING TO run at least the 5k in next years RiverBank Run!  He's pretty awesome (and handy to have around!!).

4. I had my drawing class Wednesday, guess what I forgot?

5. Darling got a watch at McDonald's, and because she's my girl, she knew she had to get Mama one too...
we LOVE our Hello Kitty!

6. Do you remember when the Mister and I went on our cruise and my Mom tried to kill my plant while I was gone?
Well, I just happen to have inherited my Aunt Mable's green thumb

7. Darling's little trophy display she made in our dining area.

Who wants to come over to chinamommy's for supper?
Who knew cornbread couldn't stay in the cupboard all week?  Doesn't it kind of look like a picture of the ground taken from a plane when you're flying through the clouds?

9.  Right now I'm reading: 
I really like it, it's a little dark and creepy... Have you read this series?

A REALLY cute new dress (that does not look so cute on the hanger), I'm hoping to wear it this weekend when the Mister takes me out! 
Hope you have a great HOLIDAY weekend!! Do you have any plans?  We don't, I'm just looking to wear that new dress and keep watering my plant!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Pinwheel Tutorial

Yes, yes I AM posting a DIY, but first let me just say.... HOW RIDICULOUS is Michigan right now?
It's 50 degrees right now! I put the electric blanket BACK on the bed (which guarantees a warm up since taking it off 2 weeks ago encouraged a spring freeze!).  And because who doesn't want to copy THIS look:
Hat: Target
Glasses: Phoebe Couture (Costco)
Hoodie: Paul/Frank
Stripped Tee: Nordstom Rack, it's old...
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Aeropostale
Slippers: Target
 Pinwheels seems to be kinda the "thang" right now. So, instead of a DIY for a sunflower sundress for your cement goose I decided to get with the program!  This is a pretty easy little tutorial you can use for all kinda of big girl crafts or you can even let your kiddo's get in on the action.
 Step 1: cut a true square, this example is a 4 inch square with the middle marked.
 Step 2: Mark a line in from each corner, I cut a 2 inch line.  I don't know if there is an exact size to cut depending on what size your square is, because anyone that knows me knows I don't do MATH!  Cut enough that the tips will bend into the very center!
 Step 3: I added a sticky dot to the center- you're going to cover it anyway!  Take the right corner from each cut and bend into the center and stick.  As you rotate your square, make sure you are always bending the RIGHT side in.
 Step 4: Make sure all the corners are stuck down and then decide what you want to add for a center!
 Easy Peasy!  I decided I liked double sided scrapbooking papers for what I'm going to use my pinwheels for...but you can use anything you can cut and bend, I guess!  The devil's in the details...and I'm not a fan of either.
 Project sneak-peek!
I've got my space heater on and am headed down to my studio... Anyone else getting their craft on? What are you working on? Are you a member of "My Craft Corner"? 
Come on back tomorrow for Random Friday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was a sticker crazy girl of the 80's...

My mom brought these to me a while back.  2 of my STICKER books!!! I can't even tell you how much i LOVED stickers back in the 80's.  I remember going to hallmark and they had rolls and rolls of them hanging from wooden dowels and you'd tear off those little sheets covered with adorable sticky goodness.
 I hadn't seen these books in years so imagine my delight when I opened the one and found an entire pouch FULL of never before stuck-down-stickers meant for trading.  Trading?  Obviously, I wasn't really into trading, I was more into hoarding!! 
 Fuzzy teddy bears, ugly mice, weird hats, bicentennial stickers and do you see that afro goodness peeking out?  OMG- Puffy Michael Jackson STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!
 My gosh, do you even remember him looking like this? And by "this" I mean: black with a nose!!
 Top left is a hologram of MJ!! And "Mystiks Fan Club of America", it's full of squishy blue stuff that changes color when you press it- these were special stickers that I have an entire page devoted too and the blue stuff is STILL squishy and turns green when it moves around!  Puffy silk heart stickers with glitter accents? Care Bears, Unicorns and Donkey Kong "high score" sticker- GET OUT!!!  It's like a sticker time machine!
Proving how BIG TIME I was in the sticker community!
 Nothing says 80's like LISA FRANK!
 And, if that doesn't prove how hard core I was, I think this will... The Jewish Stickers, 'cause dude, we aren't Jewish!  Didn't care, if it stuck, I had to have it!!!
Anything you collected as a kid?  Do you still have it?
Happy Wednesday-it's raining here (and yes, I DID run in it!)  I'm headed down to my studio to work on a DIY!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The neat freak gene

I was a pig as a kid and pretty much through college.  I was an out-and-out SLOB, but now... I can't sleep if the kitchen isn't cleaned up, I can't leave the house if there is anything left out (my studio doesn't count), and my day can't start if my bed isn't made.  The worst thing ever (next to losing bowel control during a race... it happens people!) would be for you to stop by my house and there be something out!  I know, I know...but I get it honest.  I remember someone stopping by our home when I was in HS and my mom yelling "the vacuum is out, the vacuum is out, someone put the vacuum away!!" I think my (mental) response was "ok, psycho!", but now guess who's psycho?? AND, don't guess Darling daughter, cause if you do.... you're wrong!!
Yesterday she told me "after school I'm going to get this room cleaned up, I promise".  This is what she got done:
Well, it's a start!  I hope you're outside enjoying the gorgeous weather instead of scrubbing grout or putting your spices in alphabetical order!  Are you a neat freak or a messy?  Or a messy that lives as a neat freak (that's my category!)?

Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

It's that time again... Let's get random!

1.  Now that I stay home I HATE getting ready in the morning...Ready for WHAT?  The dog? Sometimes part way through getting ready I just quit....
but at least I topped off my outfit with the polka dot socks :)
I love to get ready to go out, but to stay's just too much work!  Anyone else feel this way?

2.  I've been having LOTS of knee issues suddenly.  People kept telling me to get my shoes checked, I found it hard to imagine that shoes could make THAT much of a difference.  Let me just say I'M A BELIEVER!!  New shoes have changed my life after only 1 run in them!!  Sadly they aren't pink, but you know I love some turquoise, so I'm good (and so are my knees!!!).  They told me all kinds of stuff I didn't know like: buy running shoes 1/2 size bigger than what size you really are.  Supporting the locally owned store and spending a little extra $$....SO worth it!!  Gazelle's in Grand Rapids, MI has my loyal business for as long as I can run!  These are Mizuno in case you're interested!

3.  Another run in the rain yesterday, don't worry, I did NOT take any pictures of my wet feet- lucky YOU!

4.  I'm not sure how accurate this picture is...
the box
what's inside the box

5. My new breakfast food: If you like real earthy, nutty, healthy foods, this is for you!  I sprinkle it with a TINY bit of truvia (a natural sweetener, not a fake sugar substitute-those scare me!) and cut a banana into it- YUM!

6. LOVE this time of year...One of my very favorite smells-EVER! 

7. Drawing class: This class is HARD, it is a LOT of work, it is learning to see in ways your left brain has worked very hard to help you not see in those ways...
This is my left hand.  No, really, it IS!  Can you tell we were not allowed to look at the paper as we drew, we were only allowed to stare at our hand.
This is an ugly silk plant, we weren't suppose to lift the pencil from the paper.
I think every single person left with a migraine!  I haven't had this level of concentration in YEARS (if ever).

8. This is now mine, I am totally in love with it.  Funny how some art just SPEAKS to you, this piece said BUY ME!
it is from ChristinaRomeo on etsy

9.Have you heard of Tom Shadyac? Have you heard his story?  I taped his episode on Oprah....his story is one that I find hard to believe can't touch each and every one of us. Google him, read his story.  
See his documentary "I Am". Go to and find out where it's showing!

10. It takes ALL types doesn't it? TRUST me, you're going to want to listen allllll the way to the end!

Have a great weekend my friends!!! Oh wait, NEVER MIND, the world is ending tomorrow!  It was nice knowing you....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mad Hatter, or something like that!

Do you remember this adorable hat I was working on?
You know, this one found at ? Go check this site for a TON of awesome *FREE* patterns (knit and crochet). Isn't this girl CUTE?! One of the Double Stitch Twins, (their etsy shop is here: DoubleStitch ) can you imagine 2 of these beautiful girls? Oh, their poor Papa!!
Cute, hun??
But then again...
 I could hardly quit laughing to get pictures....
 and you thought wings were just for maxi pads!
 Yo, Yo... Snoop Dogg, double G.... G as in Gansta'
DANG, all that adorable turquoise yarn...I don't know what went wrong. I followed the pattern to a T. Think how lucky my someday grandchildren will be: photo albums of their famous blogger Granny in her awesome sexy poses and a trash bag full of crochet oopsie's!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Coach.... Where are you?

I have the local news show on in the background, I kinda hate this show but watch it daily.  I don't know why, because there are no murder mystery shows on at this time of the morning? I get SO sick of the one over-the-top-I-wanna-be-a-tee chick whose pants look spray painted on.... Some women just can't handle the fact that they aren't 17 anymore.  If you see me wearing something inappropriate it's probably Hello Kitty or Dora, or Kai Lan and that's only because that's what's available in the kids dept where I have to shop sometimes-ugh!  Anyway, this morning they had on a LIFE COACH!! I'm pretty sure THIS is the next step I have to take, I think I need someone to be accountable to! Do you know what someone with minimal motivation and no time clock to punch does all day?
1. draws moustaches on her daughters toes with an ink pen (instead of washing them...nice dirt under the toenail!)
 2. tries to make her daughter glasses out of play-doh
 3. adds rhinestones to bikini tops
 4. poses for ridiculous pictures in giant yellow foam wigs
 5. Sniffs armpits 
All in favor of chinamommy getting a life coach say "I"!!
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