Friday, September 12, 2008

Creative Funk...

I've been in a major creative funk... just wondering around the house with NO ideas floating in my head, which is weird. i guess it has been a "different" couple of weeks with darling daughter going off to school & me being left alone 4 days a week- def. not use to the QUIET! Last year at this time i still owned that stupid pizza place (ugh, ugh, UGH!!) & was so busy slinging dough & trying not thinking about everything i couldn't do (that was fun) & laying awake for hours at night wondering how i would ever pay the bills thanks to a nameless FREAK who imbezzled thousands from us... I guess i'm still coming down from disaster. I decided yesterday i needed some inspiration & thank to a suggestion from my mental twin Chris, i headed to HOBBY LOBBY. i wondered around the store (ALONE & in silence!!) & picked up a few things that were 50% off (yippeee). I went up to the check-out & as i did a copy of cloth*paper*scissors caught my eye... Yep, it jumped right into my cart!!

Now I am on inspiration overload & hope to have some things ready to show on Monday!! Now I'm headed to the art room since it's a nice rainy day - all the better for being creative!

Also, if you see this man... run! although... for all you single ladies, i'm pretty sure he is too!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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