Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'm still alive...

I really haven't forgotten you... it's just been a crazy several days! honestly, i don't know how i ever had a "real" job... i'm so busy now with all this free time i never get anything done! I even got sucked into babysitting on Monday- & you know how i hate kids that aren't Asian & these were just regular boys! On Sunday we met my parents to celebrate the man friends birthday (yes, it was August 11th, but this is the first chance we've had...). We got to the meeting place about an hour before they did & were lucky enough to see an "almost" knock-down-drag-out at the Dollar Store! I was looking for some little tins or little ceramic jars for the next project i'm working on (more about that in a min.) & saw this woman THROW a shopping basket down an aisle. At first i thought she dropped it (since i saw it out of the corner of my eye), but when 2 cops showed up, i figured there was more to the story than greasy fingers. Since it was raining & i'm made of sugar, the manfriend went to get the big man-truck to pick up her royal highness & darling daughter at the front door... well, wasn't that convenient because that's where they were all being "interviewed". The employee was inside with 1 cop & the other "lady" was outside, talking very animated with her hands flying every which way (no wonder that shopping basket couldn't stay in her hands!!). I pretended to look intently for my ride, while using my super sonic ears to get the low-down (which i never did totally catch on to). Apparently there was something about a void or a return & the fact they didn't give cash refunds- blah, blah, blah... My thought was "it's a dollar store, what can be SOOO bad that you throw a stinkin basket & have the cops called on you... it's a FLIPPIN' DOLLAR STORE!" I left the store empty handed, they didn't have a thing i could use... rats!

We then went down to Marshall's, the twin sister of TJ Maxx & a real favorite of mine!! I also left here empty handed, which is very, very, very rare! It must have been a full moon though because darling daughter WANTED to try on a: furry giraffe costume!

Now my parents show up & we meet them at TGIFridays. Lots of chatting, eating & fun. Got the low down on the story about my 99 year old Grandma's missing glasses & my parents ex-pastor who was running from the law- wish i was kidding!! After the meal we head to the foyer to wait for the men folk to pick up us sugary meltable princesses. The greeter/seater guy comes out & asks my mom if she has the waitresses credit card receipt because they can't find it. Mom digs through her tiny purse that is stuffed to the brim like she's leaving the country for a month, i swear she had a portable dishwasher in there! It's truly amazing, this purse of hers! Remember those wallets that were on a purse strap that you could carry without needing a purse??... Yeah, she had one, BUT it was stuffed IN her purse~ a purse IN a purse- the trend never really caught on for others! Well, she can't find the waitresses copy & tells this guy she'll ask her husband when he comes in if he has it because "they'll make sure she has it before they leave because they're not "that" kind of people"... so funny! So my dad comes back in (to carry her out on her velvet tufted pillow) & mom frantically is asking if he has it, no, he doesn't have it. Once again the purse opens with a BOOM, well heck, now she can't find her own copy... oh wait, there it is... I'm thinking why don't they just run a copy of the last transaction, which someone inside finally does & off we all go. A few min. later my mom calls to see if i accidentally grabbed her bag with her vacation pictures in it, Yep, I've got it. They've already headed down the road so i say i'll just get it to her the next time we see them. Sooooooooo, tonight i'm clearing off the counter & i grab that bag to put in the closet, but before i do, i look inside to see what all is in this GIANT plastic bag (that was full of stuff for darling granddaughter to do while we waited for the food) and what do i find??? Not only the waitresses receipt, BUT the entire folder and ALL the receipts! Yep, ol' sticky fingers threw the whole thing in HER bag! I thought i was going to pee my pants laughing, after her whole "we're not that kind of people" comment! Now at this point my very literal mother would like me to add: she would NEVER take ANYTHING (& i'm even talking a paperclip from a place of employment) on purpose! This is the most honest woman you'll ever find! There mom, do you feel better? :)

As far as my new project: think: papermache, glitter, & yummy cuteness! I just won some mini tins on ebay last night, so i hope i'll have pictures to post very soon!! Sorry i don't have any new art to post, i really, REALLY want to have something new at least once a week! I do have LOTS of new button pendants.... if only i could find where i put them... something else i wish i was kidding about!

Happy day everyone!!

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