Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday is about Teesha

So it's Tuesday & i feel like i have stage fright... i mean it's up to me to keep everyone entertained, right? :) Actually today i'm going to post some ART stuff. What is more entertaining than art, am i right??

I somehow ended up on this site ( http://www.teeshaslandofodd.com/1/temp.html )a few years ago & felt like this woman's art really got me, or i got it, or something along those lines. This is the first one i ever remember seeing:

Her name is Teesha Moore & because i loved her art & have crowned myself "Friend of the People most high" i dropped her a line. She was so nice to return my email & we chatted a bit- she is so encouraging & down to earth. i was telling her how the stars in the universe MUST be out of alignment because here i was, this artist full of weird ideas, doing DAYCARE... daycare, does it get any worse? i am NOT one of those people that just "love kids", i mean my own i am totally in love with (& in general Asian kids get a pass) of course friends & families kids are acceptable... BUT: the general public's kids, NOPE! But i digress... Teesha Moore: she does these incredible journal pages & she is nice enough to post some "directions" of how she journals. I love her colors, her style, how whimsical they are... i REALLY love her stuff. One day i was at Schuler's books & low & behold, my new "friend" was in a book i was looking through! I didn't know i was chatting with a published "real" artist... i mean, after all, i thought I had discovered her! hahaha!!

I remember when i was getting my art degree & my prof. was a real pecker! No matter what i did he found a way to rip me to shreds instead of finding something i did well & re-direct me. I just don't get that... why would you want to make someone feel bad or NOT help them find them self? Anyway, one day we were suppose to be making valentines on the computer to practice with some "new" program (oh brother, that was when computer graphics were SOOOOOO new....) & i, of course, wandered off to chase dandelion fluff. i was making a collage from a cosmo i was cutting up ( i'm quite sure i still have it & am trying to not jump up now & go look for it...). It was a man giving a woman a bouquet of broccoli & said "man can not live by pumpernickel alone". my prof comes up behind me, grabs my collage (i'm thinking he's getting ready to rip me a new one) & says, in a booming voice, "EVERYONE..... THIS is ARTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!" & then walks off. That was as close as i got to a compliment from the big jerk. So anyway, at that point (i'm thinking) he could have really helped me on the path to discovering who i am as an artist... but nope, he took the low road. Ok, don't cry for me Argentina, but seriously!...

Back to Teesha (am i having trouble making this not all about me or what? haha):

She & her husband (Tracy) run this artfest every year & before i die, i MUST MUST MUST go! If anyone out there has gone -PLEASE drop me a line!! This whole blogging/Internet thing has opened my eyes (thanks so much Al Gore... hahaha) to the fact there are thousands of "us" -whimsical dreamers with heads full of bunny fluff & dandelion fuzz. She & Tracy were in Japan for their anniversary not long ago (yes, i online stalk them) & so now she is doing several journal pages with an Asian twist, which you know, i am ALL about!


You can buy her prints & collage sheets, & rubber stamps & all kinds of very cool things on her site, I encourage you to check her out! & IF you want my wish list... i'll be sure to comply :)
On a side note: I've started RUNNING again!!!! my goal is to bounce a quarter off my butt at my 40th birthday party in HAWAII!
Happy Tuesday everyone!!! & if you're reading this blog, leave me a comment... i'm just wondering if i have the thousands of fans i'm dreaming of....

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