Thursday, September 4, 2008

So what do i do now?...

So here i am, my first FULL day without ANYone in the home... just me alone with my thoughts- YIKES! My great fear is that i'll have to go potty & i'll be all by myself... I'm not sure i can go without my assistant... i haven't been alone in a bathroom for years, home or public. Wait, you do know my "assistant" is my daughter, right? haha!

I've been promising pics of the art room, pics of things from the AA art fair (way back in mid July) & who knows what else, so... I am going to try & make this blog my daily routine :) First, I've had a question about where I blog, so here it is:
Nothing too exciting... Hey Mo, that's you on facebook on my computer screen :) Thought it was fitting since YOU asked. That metal artwork on my wall is from Carol Roeda's Studio. If you aren't aware of her things... very cool! She's always at the art fair in Ann Arbor, MI & has 3 stores in Michigan. The picture does NOT do it justice.

I also promised some pictures of the art room & i didn't post them yet because they weren't great since i took them in the evening, but today is a nasty rainy day so i won't get any better ones now & if i wait another day, i would probably just forget, so here those are:

This is my main "work" area: TV, sewing/embroidery machine that is WAY WAY WAY too nice for my lack of any "real" sewing skills!, spice rack that ALMOST went to Goodwill until i realized the error of my ways & saved it to put beads in (seriously, how will i EVER throw anything away?), the toaster over/coffee maker/mini grill the manfriend bought so i only have to leave to go across the hall to the potty (ALONE), drawers full of sharpie markers & jars full of pencils, paintbrushes & exacto-knives :). Oh, the giant pink daisy is another Carol Roeda piece- a mothers day gift this year.

a close up of my painting area: brushes, work in progress, paint, crayons (96 & all mine).

The wall opposite of my work space: a rack of work in progress, more totes with "stuff, a clothes line of artwork by my daughter & some favorite pictures. There is a picture on the clothes line, right in the middle (& a bit hard to see) that i tore out of readers digest YEARS ago, MANY years ago. It's a little Asian girl that i fell in love with & have saved all these years- def. some foreshadowing about what was to come!!

And what is an art room without a wine fridge, i mean seriously??!! Paper to the left, ink pads on the counter along with the cricut :)

and when you run out of room IN the room... move to the storage area behind the art room! totes & totes & totes of pictures & beads & glitter &.... stuff i just MIGHT need!

Hope you've enjoyed, now it's time for me to actually GET DOWN THERE & make some more art!!!! :)

lator tators...

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