Thursday, September 18, 2008

The latest project...

This has been our latest project around here- an old cabinet the manfriend found in Shipshewana, Indiana.
when i suggested we paint it black, i did get a raise of the eyebrows, but hey... he knows who the designer is around here! The doors on the top didn't have the glass to begin with... another suggestion by moi'! I wanted to be able to showcase my goodies from China. Since I was showing off my international treasures, the manfriend wanted to know if he could show his (international treasures ☺)... He went to the Netherlands several years ago & his "treasures".... beer glasses! A nice mix with the Chinese goodies, wouldn't you say??
well, i'm having some major trouble getting my other pics to load, so i'm going to sign off & try later... i'm headed down to the art room ♥

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