Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FINALLY, my "yummiest" project yet...


Finally, finally, here is my latest project!!! These darling little glittery NON-edible cupcakes! They're made in these cute little vintage jell-o molds & decorated with a variety of "stuff". Beads, sequins, old jewelry pieces, wire words, words & phrases from my favorite book and GLITTER!! The little ribbon flag on top reads "cake". Who knows what will show up next, I've been collecting "stuff" since I was a little girl!!

as always, my photography needs some work, this little "point & shoot" just doesn't cut it for product photography, but the $1,200 just isn't there for the new camera i need...

I have a ton of these little cuties in the works & need to hop downstairs & get going so i can update my shop this coming Monday (Oct. 6, 2008).

THANKS so much to all of you that are reading my blog & spreading the word! I can't tell you how much it means to me!!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me at:

Happy Happy Tuesday everyone!!


twinkleshabbystar said...

Sqqqqueeel!!! Omigosh! Your cupcake is SOOO ADORABLE!!!! It's precious and UBER sweet! The jello molds turned out perfect! YAY!!! You must make more to sell!!! ;)
Thank you sooo much sweetie for stopping by my blog and leaving me the most heartfelt kind compliments and words. I truly truly appreciate it and i have a big ole grin on my face after reading it. ;)
Please stop by again and I'll do the same. BEST OF LUCK to you sweetie! Excellent work on the too CUTE CUPCAKE!!! :) XOXO,Jenn

Anonymous said...

OK...I'll confess.. I have been extremely excited about your new project. I have checked your blog for any sight or peek at what has been going on in the art room for days now. I must say the wait was worth it! I absolutely love the cutest cupcake ever! Excellent JOB! I have been a fan of your art since the famous "HELP I've Fallen and I can't get out" photo project in college. These have to be one of your best! Have a wonderful "creative" day girl! MONICA

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