Thursday, October 15, 2009

the good, the bad & the ugly

just saw "Whip It" last night.... loved it!
going to try this one.... it's from the Martha Stewart site
This is a "Martha" too... cute hun?
another "Martha" craft product.... Oh- i gotta have it!! I should say "gotta have them"- it's a 2 piece set- the corner punch & the straight away punch (i'm sure that's not the name of it, but you know what i mean!).
another good: just found out we're going on another cruise the end of April... can't wait!!
Now the bad & the ugly:
the flu (freaking out!!)
the new show: leave it to Lamas! I'll be the 1st to admit to watching crap tv, but this is TOO crappy even for me
100 calorie VitaMuffin- unless you like to eat sawdust...
Ok, i've got to run! I'm off to Walgreens to grab some saline nose spray- twice a day people, twice a day!!! I'm praying they have flu shots available, i could KICK myself for not getting one 2 weeks ago, now i'm having a panic attack i won't be able to find one....
So: the flu shot? got it? getting it? and the Swine flu shot???? thoughts? discuss!
lator tators!


Lori said...

The shot? Well I have issues of long term results, not enough testing prior to release. I've ben icky for about a week, most annoying is fatigue! Oh, and occasional headaches. That punch is too stinkin cute!!! hope you get better!! Take lots of hand sanitizer on the ship!!!!! And stay away from coughing people!!! Lori

Anonymous said...

1. I totally want to see whip it.
2. I'm so not crafty, but even I am ogling that punch set.
3. Does saline really work???

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