Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JooSweetie.... how do i love thee?

Get ready for some of the cutest stuff you're EVER going to see....
am i right?

Get rid of that ugly shell magnet Grandma got you on her vacation to Florida & grab some of JooSweetie's magnets!!! too-too cute!
Of course my pick: the Chinese couple saying "hello" (it's pronounced knee how)

and her keyring fobs... the CUTEST! I have her Wonder Woman fob... LOVE IT!

here's the link to her shop or just head to etsy & search by seller, her store name is:
i just ordered one of her necklaces for myself last week... it's on it's way! I'll be sure to show it off when "she" arrives!
Oh... my dream last night: Katie Holmes-Cruise was breaking it off with Tom, but then Katie turned into my Grandma & she was leaving him too.... Isn't that cool? My 100 year old Grandma - Mrs. Tom Cruises!!!! Geesh, why didn't she just stick it out, i mean she is 100- how long would she have to suffer with his nutty science-whatever religion?!
I will be posting photo's of my new Master Bedroom soon, very soon! It went from tomato red to robin egg blue... it's dreamy! The mister is going to be shocked that i started & finished the project! I went at it like a crazy woman because i knew if i stopped for a second, I'd never finish! I HATE to paint except on a canvas! OH... did i mention the Mister is away on an Elk hunt & has no idea that I re-did the room? (JUST got an email from him- he got an elk & sounded SO excited! Hmmm... where's the head gonna go? My Mom would probably LOVE it for Christmas!! Shhh, don't tell her!). Although i finished the painting, I still want to put in a new light & get rid of the tacky ceiling fan, replace the ugly oak fold out closet doors & put in a new wall sconce... The Mister is going to have to put up all new trim when he gets home (SURPRISE!!) because me & a chop saw just don't mix!! Once that trim is up I'll take the pic's, it kinda looks like a pretty crack house with all the trim pulled off.
Happy Day- go shop etsy!! Christmas is coming!!


Bridget said...

my bedroom is robins egg aka: Tiffany Box Blue & I love it...I have black laquer furniture in an art deco style...so cool...

the magnets - I love the mermaid

Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

I just fainted from the cuteness! I can't believe that little Audrey Hepburn!!! <3

Anonymous said...

ooh - can't wait to see the new bedroom pics.

And Frida made me laugh!

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