Monday, October 12, 2009

My new BFF Martha...

Yes, Martha & I, we're the new "it" couple! Actually i think Martha would hate me.... me & my potty talk, my lack of sheet folding skills, my ignorance in the kitchen... I am NOT Martha's kind of gal. I am quite sure if i was ever was on her show (it would have to be for a craft of some type) i would totally get snapped at by her for not having my supplies organized. I found this great Halloween Glitter craft on Martha's site & knew Darling Daughter & I were going to have to give it a go!!
I ran to Hobby Lobby & what do you know- Glitter was on sale 50% OFF!--MARTHA STEWART glitter!!!! I was so happy i cried... not really, but i cuddled the package on my lap the whole way home like a new baby, except if it really was a new baby i wouldn't have cuddled it on my lap, i would have strapped it in a car seat, but i digress...
18 bottles of pure glittery joy!
I had all the supplies for our Halloween Martha Project- oh was i happy! It's the small things in life for me, except for the Range Rover I'm dreaming of, but again... i digress!
So if you'd like to make your own glittery skulls here are my instructions & these are the good ones because i did it wrong the 1st time & made a huge glittery mess! Let's just say we all spent the weekend looking like #1 customers at the local strip club- all our little faces covered in glitter (along with the rugs, the chairs, the kitchen table, the counters, the cell phones... you get the picture!).
1. Gather your supplies:
glitter (IF you're not using the Martha glitter, shame on you! Grab Ultra Fine glitter!!)
SPRAY adhesive (I used Elmers & it was VERY easy to use & did a great job)
plastic skulls & bones (Jo Ann's had the best skull it was $9.99 & had 1/2 off, bag of bones, bag of mini skulls & cheap skulls at the $1 store- these are "ok" & for $1 were the best deal, smaller detailed skull $1.99 at Target)
egg crate/bucket of sand/block of Styrofoam
dremel or knife
2. pick 3 colors for your color scheme. I went with greenish gold tones, another idea: black, purple & orange. 3. make sure the skulls/bones have a hole in them. IF not use your dremel & make a small hole in the bottom of each- big enough to put a chop stick or skewer in. If you don't have a dremel use a knife & do NOT stab yourself in the hand, unless you're looking for extra gore in your display... Seriously, be careful! Most of these already had a hole in them. i drilled a hole in the tiny skulls because i wanted 1 in the bottom & they had one in the top.
4. put each skull/bone on a chopstick or skewer
5. take them outside & heavily coat with SPRAY adhesive, not so it's dripping off the side, but made sure you have a nice thick even coat of glue.
You can see in this picture we started by painting the glue on with a foam brush.... trust me, stick them on a stick & SPRAY!
6. Hold the sticky skull over your newspaper & pour the glitter. If you don't have large bottles of glitter you may have to pour it back & fourth a few times.
7. After you get them glittered stick them in the egg crate to dry. You have to be a little careful & spread them out so you don't tip the egg crate over. You can also use a bucket with sand, or a block of Styrofoam to stick your skewers in.
This is the one from Joanne's it sat flat & was the 1st one i did by brushing on the glue... I wish i would have used the spray adhesive! You can brush the glue on but it takes SOOOO much longer! You have to wait for each section to dry & then it's harder to brush new glue up to meet the area that's already dry without knocking off some of the glitter, your fingers tend to "tear" the glittered glue areas too. This made a REAL mess!!
Here's our final result:
The one in front is the most expensive skull & i really think it turned out the best. I think the $1 skulls look constipated, but that's just me... (some of my skulls in this picturelook orange, but they are actually gold) The $5 had a lot more detail & the deep eye sockets... guess it just depends how much you want to spend & how realistic you want them to look. Have fun & get ready to get glittery!
If you make these, I'd love to see them!
email me your projects at:


Coastal Sisters said...

Ohhhhhhh I love these! Who cares if you are not Martha's kind of gal...your are Blogland's kind of gal!!


Kugo said...

These are a great idea! They came out so nice, I plan to try it.

Lori said...

Very cool!!! I know just the glitter pack you mean and you know what??I WANT IT TOO!! I'd glitter the toilet if I could, that's how much I love glitter and M.S glitter! Lori

C. said...

Sooo, why do you want to hang with Martha? I'd rather hang with you, any day! As a matter of fact, if she even knew we were alive she'd probably want to hang with us and we could teach her a thing or two! Right after we let her drive us around town in her limo.

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