Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roll Baby, Roll!!

Can you tell what this is?
My car flipped over to 200,000 miles this past Saturday! It just so happens it was our 1 year wedding anniversary! I'm taking that as a good sign, & it doesn't hurt that i married a GREAT guy!
We spent the day at a local apple orchard with Darling. It was freezing & yes, she did feel the need to inform us of that fact. The line for donuts & cider was a mile long, but yummm.... donuts! IF i was ever to get morbidly obese, i'd do it thru the use of donuts. I'm not a huge sweet eater but donuts.... Mmmmm!
Here is Darling with a giant $35 pumpkin... $35? Honestly, i can't see how a pumpkin would ever be worth $35 to me.... anyway, we grew our own HUGE $35 pumpkins... I should get some pictures of those.
After we ate a bunch of junk & looked through their sad little gift shop- which seriously did not have 1 item i would even think of buying.... we headed to Target- we're all exciting & romantic like that! We had to grab some stuff for the Mister's upcoming hunt. Yep, the Mister is headed to New Mexico for an Elk hunt & No, the head will not be hanging above the fireplace! I told him we would only hang it if he would allow me to start collecting scraggly mounted animals & devote an entire wall to elk, buffalo, bunnies, raccoon, hamsters, and zebra.
After Target we went & got Piggy at Famous Dave's BBQ! A day out with my 2 favorite people- it doesn't get better than that!! Yes, he did get me a little something... a little green stack of cash- yeah, not real original, but he said he wanted me to pick out something nice that i really wanted. No problem-o!
We're going to go out together when he gets back (from the hunt) to a little Italian place by the lake shore, just the 2 of us.
Have a great day!!
If you haven't checked out chinamommy on etsy in a while- head over, the link to my shop is above. I've got all kinds of new things made but haven't taken a single photo- maybe today...


Bridget said...

Sounds like you had a great day !! I miss apple picking & apple cider donuts. I used to live in NY, now I live on the Carolina Coast.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the anniversary for your hubby and your car! 200K is impressive!

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