Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i vant to drink your blood....

It's almost that time again when i have to come up with a super cute Halloween outfit for my 1 & only... 1 & only DAUGHTER. Easy right? I mean surely she wants to be a Princess or a kitty cat.... maybe a cupcake, a fairy, or super girl? Nope, not this girl of mine, she wants to be a Vampire Bat... Really? Yes Mom, really! 1st she wanted to be a ghost... Now i know i've mentioned before how serious/non-glitzy she tends to be & boy oh boy, does this show up whenever we can do something way outside the box. Outside the box is NOT her favorite place to be. A ghost? A white sheet with some eyes cut out?! You know this almost broke my artistic heart, but it's HER Halloween & her choice on an outfit, so i say "that's fine". Immediately i start thinking of ways we can cute-ify a ghost... tulle, glitter.... hmmmm, maybe it won't be that bad. Then, just as i start moving on this idea she wants to be a Panda! Oh a Panda, now that i can do!!! I've got the outfit planned in my head immediately & then i sneeze & it's gone.... her desire to be a Panda that is.
Now she wants to be a Vampire Bat & she's firm on this one... Of course, that's fine by me. I don't want to crush any creative ideas my little accountant does have!
i have some cute ideas & now it's time for me to pretend i can sew & get busy! So if you've never seen a darling 6 year old Chinese girl Vampire Bat- stay tuned!
Mary Jane Vampire shoes by: emandsprout (on
silver vampire fangs from: charms4you
Blythe t-shirt by: ababietoy
smiley fangs by: silverfrog
My darling is home sick today, so i've got to run & bleach the whole house down!
WASH YOUR HANDS & don't touch your face! Also: don't flush with the lid up (don't even get me started.....), don't leave your toothbrush on the counter & use bleach/hot water when you wash your undies. Thank goodness i don't have that red thing on the end of a flashlight like they do on CSI! I'd have to live in a plastic bubble!


Jen said...

Aww, a vampire bat sounds pretty cute for a little girl! I can't wait to see photos! And so sorry your computer crashed :( That's the worst!!!

Lori said...

Oh those little vampie shoes are to dang cute!!Hey, I think some black and red tulle?? Why not! Good luck with the bug! Lori

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