Monday, October 5, 2009

Winter, winter... how i hate you!

Stupid Michigan with it's cold weather! When my Mom was pregnant with me, they decided to move to Michigan... Here they were living in balmy tropical Indiana, i guess that wasn't cold enough! They thought "Hmmmm, where could we live where our beautiful new baby daughter could be cold 9 months out of the year? Hey, how about farther north where the sun don't shine & the snow does blow?" Seriously, how do some people have awesome parents who see the benefits of living in a warm & BEAUTIFUL climate year round? HAWAII people.... HAWAII!! Didn't Hawaii exist when my parents were kids? Didn't they dream of warm weather, sandy beaches & aqua water? No, apparently, they were too busy dreaming of snow forts & ragweed! So begins the start of my "I HATE Winter" rants...
Look at these goodies i found on etsy.... i HATE winter, i HATE cold, but i LOVE these!!!
Isn't this gorgeous? and the color of the water in HAWAII! This cowl neck warmer is by econica. Lots of gorgeous fashion in her shop- go check her out!! IF you are new to go these & search by seller & then type in the sellers name that i'll give you for each of the following pieces. For the record any of the pieces I have listed would be a lovely Christmas gift for me, so feel free to buy & send my way...
Light pink scarfette by: AllInStitches
don't you love this??!! She has other colors & styles in her shop- check her out!!
light pink AND fluffy - cotton candy goodness!!
One of my FAVORITE colors & love that chunky stitch! This beauty is by: everything2for32 and see that? - the name of her store is also a good deal! 2 for $32!!!
& this one... hot pink & black!! and the flower!!! this is by:
Now as cute as these are they are just teasing this northern girl! This darling designer is livin' it up in the SOUTH, so she can get away with these for a while.... Her shop is:
I am IN LOVE! She has the most beautiful jewelry but her re-vamped vintage dresses... swoon!
They are a STEAL at UNDER $80!!
This light pink one had me at hello, but....the bust size laughed at me & threw me down off the porch!
oh those colors!!!... stunning!
and this.... FEATHER??!!, PINK??!!! RHINESTONES?? Be still my heart.....
Well, hope you've buttoned down the hatches at your place! We have hand sanitizer at the door & anyone that enters MUST either use it or head to the sink & wash their hands! I'm also replacing everyones mouthwash with clorox! I'm not going down without a fight pig flu! I've been sick a week & am now going "over the edge" to try & stay well the rest of the winter!!


KatinkaPinka said...

yay! thanks for the love!

Kugo said...

Okay, here is the thing about growing up in Hawaii. You know the saying the grass is always greener? It applies here as well. Yes, the climate is wonderful, the beaches are beautiful, the people happier to be in sunshine but...

Try having Christmas spirit in 80 degree weather where Santa surfs instead of plays in the snow. You have no idea how we used to wish for a white Christmas or just seasons in general. I personally would rather see Santa in a red suite no red swim trunks with his belly hanging out.

I'm sure Michigan has some wonderful attributes, just not in the winter. :-)

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