Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Beautiful People...

If you haven't been on a cruise before let me show you why you need to call
right now and book a trip...
(NO, Carnival doesn't pay me to say that, they should- don't ya think?!!).
1st up:
Fashion Whores are everywhere!
Camo viser, Hawaiian shirt, deck shoes- how appropriate!  I guess if there's anywhere you should wear deck shoes, it would be on the deck of a ship!! HA- I kill me!!
Mullet Man!!
the LONG grey mullet accented with PURE white sneakers and his arm candy is the one suckin' down the Marlboro.
lots of bootie!!!
Now, if you haven't grabbed your phone and called yet, let me assure you, it gets
"The Hairy Man Contest"
mud flaps covered in hair = delish!
1st they sign up, then they dance down the steps in a most provocative way to the cheers of thousands!
then they pick a ladies name, get dressed in ladies clothes and try to charm a young hottie
Don't ya know this guy picked MY name...
You can't really see but this guys left boob was hanging out of his tube top... yep, just like me!
So now that you've seen all the goodness that Carnival has to offer... here's what we were doing:
The Mister was frying his right arm and shoulder while blocking out the Cha-Cha slide with his ear plugs
i was making everyone look at my sparkle rhinestone star boob
enjoying the drink-of-the-day with my rhinestone sparkle star boob
see my fancy tootsie's? My very 1st pedicure!
Hey Mel: No Asian woman, No molesting massage chair and 20 times the cost of one at home!
yes, I know I have NO baby toe nail...thankfully I live in Michigan where the flaw can hide 10 months out of the year in thick woolen socks!
Happy Tuesday... I'm still doing laundry!
Oh yeah- go wish my buddy CHRIS a very happy 20th wedding Anniversary today!
TWENTY YEARS 1 man... go figure!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Hmm. . .I thought there might be a pic of me when I saw the post title. Now I'm glad there wasn't. Heh. You kill me! This is hilarious and so so true. Oh how I long to go back. Good gosh girl, do you work out? What a hottie. Woot woo. ;-)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Mish...you are just a doll and you look fab in your sparkley suit! I loved the pic of you and your husband in the post below.

I have tears running out of my eyes from laughing seeing the hairy men, the mullets, the crack...etc....talk about a great place to people watch!


viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

yummm, thank God I already ate lunch! Except for the pictures of you I am re-thinking the meaning of "ugly American"!!! Mud flaps???? yikes!

Melanie said...

You should be jealous that all of the men and women you described can easily be found in my town. We go to the fair just to people watch for hours and hours. It is more fun than I can even tell you. Sometimes we go to the mall just to count mullets on chicks.

Also, you are a hottie in your bikini. The other chicks maybe could have left theirs at home but you wear yours well. I hate you for your abs.

Funny in My Mind said...

You saw all that on your boat???(ship?)
My favorite was the hairy back men. No wait, the mullet, no wait, the girl in the cool bedazzled bikini.
She was a hottie. Hope your hubby didn't check her out too much!
Glad you had a good time.
Cute pedi, btw.

Angela said...

Your sparkle boob is the best!!

Yeah, I remember the hairy man contest. I thought my husband was hairy until I saw the guys on the cruise- then I realized my husband is just manly not freaky!

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